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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Hamtaro : Ham-Ham Heartbreak

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Game Name : Hamtaro : Ham-Ham Heartbreak
System : GameBoy Advance
Date Added : 2004-10-09 14:32:39
Views : 45626

The Hamrangers
When you can't get Ham Red out of the bathroom, go to Boo Manor. There should be a hamster in a painting crying. Talk to her. Then go back to Funland and talk to the little hamster outside of the Hamrangers stage. Tell her fussfuss. She will talk to you and then stay at Funland. Then go back to the sad hamster and tell her about this. Then she will go play Ham Red.

The Trapdoor
In Boo Maner, when Hamtaro falls into the trapdoor, you must go to the room with the two couches and do hamspar on the fireplace. Then 2 old gohsts will appear and you must do tack-q on them. One will teach you pushie and the other will teach you nok-nok. Then you must go to the empty wall by the starcase and nok-nok on it. Then pushie on the wall and a secret room will open. Hamtaro is in the cage. After you see Hamtaro, go to the elevator where the two other hamsters are trying to open the doors of the elevator, do liber-t on them and they will go to the trapdoor and you must follow. When in the secret room do liber-t on them again and they will open the bars for you. Hamtaro and howdy will come out of the cage and then you have saved another love. (the purple and green hamsters will love each other again.)

The Three Marbles
At sunny peak you will find a room in the cave with what looks to be a sword sticking out of a rock. It is not a sword at all. It is the legendary spoon. There is three round openings on the front of the rock. You need marbles to putput in the openings. One of the marbles is located at fun land. You must get a certain number of points in the sticky note game. Then you will be awarded a green marble. The next marble is located at Sandy Bay. There is a big bucket in the ground, dig-dig under it to get the blue marble. The next marble is located at Wild woods, you have to save the marriage of a couple, after you have done that, talk to the old guy and he will give you the last marble to put-put in the opening. Go back to Sunny Peak and put all three marbles in the holes. Then tuggie at the spoon. After you get the spoon, go back to wildwoods and give the spoon to the inventor which will now let you use the catupalt to get into spat tower.

How To Get Silver Key Card At Boo Manner
To get the silver key card: On the first floor go oppisite from the stairs. Go in the last door in the hallway. Next, you will see a bunch of mirrors, go through the second to the last in the back row. Then you will pop out of another mirror and will have to defeat a gohst with stickie. After you defeat him take the silver key card and go to the opening in the floor. off-doff the board and put put it back where it was so you can cross. Then off-doff it again and give it to panda in the sunny peak cave.

Rainbow Key
After you rescue and save the relationship between the 2 hamster that teach you "Hamlift" Go back to the place where you rescued the hamter from spat. You find Panda working on him bridge he'll ask you to find 3 boards and a strap. The strap can be aquired by standing on the blanket- handkerchief thing, then the newspaper then the strap. The hamster will complain that you got it dirty and that you can have it. The first board is at Sandy Beach. After you help Barette, and she and the photo guy leave hif-hif the board she was on. The next board is at boo manor. "Go-P" on the hamster in the mirror go in the mirror defeat the ghost and hifhif the board,putput it on the crack,and hifhif it again to have the second board the last board is towards the end of the game when you defeat spat, and talk to boss who is standing in a corner by the rubrub room, he'll say "Now that the clubhouse is finished I have an extra board do you think you could use it?" You say Yep-P and take all the materials back to panda. After giving him all the supplies go towards the entrance and he'll "Heyhoo" you go back cross the bridge and you'll find The rainbow key!

Go to the place where you find a ham-ham next to a door, go down the vine south, go down the other vine south, go west, do lokkie, at the other ham- ham, and go back to the boat. do pakapaka, go to the bridges if you know offdoff, and do it and go up, back down, over the bridges, and back to the boat. do putput, and drive the boat to bijou.

Rub Rub Room
First, learn how to do the Ham-Chat Rub Rub. You also need to save some of the hamsters. Love so it will give you more jewels when you do your Rub Rub.

Arnie's House
Go to Sunny Peak. Give Arnie the potty he was looking for (that Seamore gave you). Arnie will lead you to his house. Do Sesam-E with Bijou in front of the door and go in. When you get to the room with the sign, go left, down, left, up, and up to get to Arnie's room.

Get Hamour Song
After you defeat Spat, go back to Spat Tower where you will see a reporter outside with an umbrella. Talk to him and he will give you the Hamour song.

Find Bizzaroo
Talk to the treasure-hunting sunbathing ham. Use Tack-Q command.

The Story
It was sunny and perfect for a nap! While sleeping, Hamtaro had a terrible dream. He dremt that a hamster dressed in a devil costume appeared in Ham-Ham Land Funpark, breaking up hearts of all friends, so the friends would fight with each other. The devil hamster, known as Spat (He has a habit of always saying "Pfpth".) enjoyed making friends mad at each other, and he could just not get enough! Hamtaro arrived in the Ham-Ham Land Funpark, and Spat looked at him, and immediatly went to break his heart. As Spat was running towards him, Hamtaro awoke to hear Boss calling his name. When Boss went upstairs, Hamtaro told Boss about his scary dream, and what Spat promised to do. Boss wondered if Hamtaro's dream was a preginition, a dream that can see in the future. Without another word, Boss said he need Hamtaro downstairs to get a favor. As Hamtaro walked downstairs, he slipped on some water and fell straight into a bucket of water, soaking his Ham-Ham Dictionary, and all but a few of his words!!! With little symphony, Boss told Hamtaro to learn from mistakes, and move on with life. He then told Hamtaro that Bijou wandered off somewhere, and Hamtaro had to go look. Where is Bijou, and how will Hamtaro find her? Why does Spat want to ruin hearts? What was the meaning of Hamtaro's dream? With Harmony (The angel hamster), and Bijou, and Hamtaro, you have to go from level to level, seeking Spat, and trying to stop his tricks, while filling up your love meter at the same time.

Pepper And Oxnard
As you will find out, Oxnard is sitting by that great big tree stump blubbering away... talk to him. Then you will see Pepper if you look further, sitting on a leaf but you cannot reach her yet. If you go to the tree stump by Oxnard and learn how to heyhoo, then go to the hamsters trying to figure out how to get all the sunflower seeds down at once. Hamha them and then heyhoo them. They will teach you to hamlift. You will then use the hamlift to get to pepper and tell her Oxnard is bluhoo.

Sailor And Wife
Get the clue washed up on the beach when barette was saved. It will give you a bunch of stupid words that are usless... so you have have thought. Copy down the entire clue on a peice of paper and also draw a map of the sounds made from the stone when you tack-q them. Then do the order that is on the clue sheet and a big rock willl move to reveal a whole in the beach. Dig down it. The captain will be down there. He is blue. Talk to him and he will offer to take you to the island whenever you want. Enter the hula contest and all you have to win is the C class prize, an orange hibiscus. give it to the sailor to give to his wife.

Get to the point where Barette is out at sea. No one at the beach can help you, you have to go to the clubhouse and get Seamoore's help. He's the only Ham who can swim.

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