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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Dragon Ball Z Budokai

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Game Name : Dragon Ball Z Budokai
System : Game Cube
Date Added : 2004-09-13 15:02:01
Views : 25900

Easy Tournament Win: Great Sayiaman
When you go to the tournament, choose Great Sayiaman (unlock him by becoming champ in Advanced mode). When the match starts make your opponent get close to the edge and then, use Justice Punch. If he guards against it then your in trouble! Here's another one. Get your opponent close to the edge and use Justice Kick (P 2, K 2) by the way Justice Punch is P 4. If he guards then, your in less trouble than when you used Justice Punch.

The Uses of Y
To have a different level appearence in "Cells Game Arena" press the Y button at the level select screen after highlighting it. The Y button can also change chacter appearence, to do this highlight a character and press the Y button instead of the A button.

Hint: Hercule: Easy win
When the match starts, use Present For You. When your opponent is down, recharge your Ki. Do not turn to Super Saiyan as this will make your Ki decrease slowly. Repeat the process three or four times and you will win.

Use the following trick to win in advanced tournament mode. Before the fight starts (when you can see yourself and your opponent), move towards them and press Punch very fast. You will get a slight edge by punching the opposition early. Punch four times then press Energy (Dynamite Kick). Hercule will jump up, do a kick move, and then do a big kick and knock the opponent back on the ground. Run up and do the Dynamite Kick as many times as needed to kick them back and out of the ring. Note: When you knock them back the first time, you can knock them out easily by pressing the D-Pad towards them twice, and on the second time, hold it. You will jump in the air and fly very fast towards them. Then, by either pressing Kick ,R, or Punch, it will hit them (with some timing) out of the ring.

CPU counters
If you guard most of the time, the CPU will eventually do a Power Punch or Power Kick.

Real voice after transformation
A character's voice will remain the same, even after transformations. Do a special attack to hear their real voice, such as Perfect Cell's Spirit Bomb.

Dr. Brief's throws a bomb
In the "Edit Skills" screen, go to change capsules. Select one of the androids and wait. Look at Dr. Briefs to see him throwing capsule boxes. Watch carefully and you will see him throw a bomb.

Yamcha: Easy tournament win
To easily win a tournament, select Yamcha as your fighter. As soon as the battle begins, use the Wolf's Fang Fist (making sure the opponent does not block the four punches; if so do not use the move and just block until a chance is given). The seventh hit will knock your opponent into the air and the final attack should hit the opponent out of the ring. If the opponent does not go out, knock him back near the edge then use the Wolf's Fang Fist (once again making sure that they do not block the four punches).

Double K.O.
When in tournament mode with both you and your opponent have low life and both of you kill yourself, the game will announce a Double K.O. and both of you will lose.

Mixed Blood Power
Once in a fight, use his Burning Attack. It will leave your opponent with 1 point of life. Just one more hit and they are done.

Increased damage
If you equip two of the same ability, you will do a lot more damage. For example, if playing as Vegeta use the following: Final Flash x2, Big Bang Attack x2, Super Sayian, Super Vegeta, 1/3 Senzu Bean. Your attack for Final Flash and Big Bang will be higher.

Hint: Hercule: Easy tournament win
Get your opponent near the edge and use Dynamite Kick. The last kick should knock him out.

This trick requires High Tension and Hercule's special and works on any level in tournament mode. First, push your opponent back with punches until you get them about five feet away from the edge. By then, you should have enough to power up to High Tension. As soon as you get the chance, execute Hercule's special. The move will make Hercule drop his exploding device and launch him straight at the opponent, which should knock them out of the ring. If not, you can pick up from there; since the attack takes off at least one bar of health, you can just beat them instead. Another to win instead of using the Hercule special, do the same steps as in the first part of the strategy, then push your opponent to the end of the ring with punches. Then, do the Dynamite Kick. If you are not too close to the edge, it will knock the opponent out. However, if you are too close, the move will change or turn a different direction when it is being performed.

King Kai Fist x2
Wait until Potential gives you the full 30% to your power and it should be about 200% or 210%. Then, use the Spirit Bomb and it will do 2520 damage. Do the same with Vegeta, but with Big Bang and Super Saiyan.

Goku: Easy win
Use the following trick to win a match of any kind with Goku. First, unlock the capsule for Warp Kamameha. Then (optional), get a lot of item capsules such as Saiyan Spirit to power-up Goku. Go to "Edit Skills" and give Goku Warp
Kamameha and any other desired skills. Then, when you pick your character, choose custom Goku. When the match starts, use Warp Kamameha. When your opponent is down, recharge your Ki (press X + Away(2) and hold). Repeat the
process and you should win with three or four Warp Kamamehas.

Yamcha: Wolf Fang Fist
After performing the Punch(4), Energy, you can continue to press Energy up to seven more times and get more hits than just the normal four. This will also increase the damage to the opponent.

Grassland level: Make a large bolder fall on enemy
When battling in practice or duel mode in the Grassland, you will notice two large boulders placed on opposite ends of the arena. Push your opponent towards them and get very close to the boulders. Do a combo move that ends with a power strike facing towards the boulder. You can also hold Forward and hold R for a few seconds to charge up a hit, then release, causing a power punch. This will cause the enemy to go flying into the boulder. You may have to move around to find the correct point to send them flying into. You will see a short intermission with the bolder breaking off of the mountain and falling on top of them. You can also do this to the other boulder on the opposite side of the arena. This will also give a smaller battling range once the boulder is removed. To do this again, just return to the arena. Note: This bolder does 500 damage to the opponent. Also, if you look closely at the mountain, you will notice there is a cracked portion. Slam them in the middle of the cracked portion and it should break off, doing 500 damage and
falling on them.

Hint: Trunks: Easy tournament win
For a ring out, use Punch(2), Kick(2) to knock your opponent close to the edge of the ring. Next, use a series of kicks, or Punch, Kick to knock them out. For a knock out, once you get Super Trunks, Super Trunks2, and Super Saiyan, this will be easy. At the start of the match, turn Super Saiyan instantly. Every second counts. Gather your energy by powering up or repeatedly attacking your opponent. Launch a Burning Attack. Doing this should weaken him. You can then avoid losing by staying away from the edge and knocking your opponent's lights out. Also, once you get Dr. Gero's Perpetual Energy R&D move, equip Trunks with it. Then, have two Burning Attacks, a Finish Buster, and a Senzu Bean. If you have any more slots, equip as them as desired. Then, once the match begins, you can have nonstop Burning Attacks until your opponent is defeated. Note: With this move, transformation is impossible. All the special moves listed can be bought at Mr. Popo's skill shop.

Field transformation
When playing as Trunks in practice mode, go to the grass land and use his burning attack. You will fight in a hole that Trunks made with his attack and the trees will be burned to a crisp.

Hidden area
You can destroy Kami's lookout with Goku's Spirit Bomb or Hercules' Present For You. After you destroy it, you will fight in an area with a lot of dirt and a few mountains.

On the island stage, hit your opponent into the rocks once or twice. They will shatter and you will fall into a cave-like stage with waterfalls in the background.

Destroying arenas
If you enter any battlefield with walls that touch against the field, push your opponent against the wall and do an Elbow Smash (Toward + Toward Hold + Punch) or some other hard hitting attack. Your opponent will be smashed into the
wall, dealing the damage of the attack as well as an added bonus. This can also be done for higher walls and moves that will knock somebody outside of the ring. To make an arena a smoldering crater, select a character with an Ultimate Move (for example Goku's Spirit Bomb or Trunks' Burning attack). Then, use the Ultimate Move. Note: You cannot destroy the World Tournament, Hyperbolic Time Chamber, or Kami's Lookout (when you are actually on the Lookout) arenas.

Go to versus or practice mode and choose a character that has an Ultimate Attack, such as Trunks or Frieza. Use it on a character and after the blast you should see that Planet Namek is almost about to blow up with lightning and tornadoes.

Use a powerful energy attack to turn any battle into a desert wasteland. The following attacks can do this: Perfect Cell's Spirit Bomb, Trunks' Burning Attack, Android #16's Hell Flash. Deathball and other attacks should also have the same

To obliterate the Cell Games arena, choose either duel or practice mode (recommended). Play as Teen Gohan and press Kick(2), Right, Kick(2) for the Super Kamehameha in Super Saiyan 2.

You actually can destroy Kami's lookout. Use a Spirit Bomb to turn it into a crater. When battling, equip a fire Ki Blast Wave capsule x2 to hit them with 16 hits. If you can equip a character with a Long Combo x2, it will do a 42 hit combo (only with Tien, Goku, Gohan, Trunks, and Cell).

Android 17 and Android 18: Extra damage with Power Blitz
When you do a Power Blitz close up, pause game play just before it hits your opponent. Resume the game and it will do up to a full bar of damage.

More authentic dialog at beginning of the fight
To have dialog that has to do with story mode or the series Dragon Ball Z, pair these two fighters together: Krillin and Android #18, Frieza and Goku, Vegeta and Goku, Android #16 and Goku, and Trunks and either Androids #17 or Android #18, Piccolo and Teen Gohan. If you pair these fighters as indicated, you will hear different dialog pertaining to the story mode, or the relation between the characters. Certain character pairs may also have different dialog at the end of the fight. Note: Great Saiyaman always says the same thing no matter what, but it always has to do with "Justice" or "Evil".

Defeating Cell in all forms
As soon as you start, back up. Your opponent should run attack. Jump back and Kick(3). Repeat this until all his health is depleted.

Kami's Lookout level: Easy opponent damage
Get your opponent to the edge of the lookout, then do a strong attack. They will fall off and you will follow them down. This will take off about half their green life bar.

Legend of Hercule
Put a Sensu Bean on Hercule before you start. You will be revived, but only during the Goku, Gohan, and Cell fights. You will just die in the other battles.

Restore life
To get life without going into the rejuvenation chamber on Namek, go up closely to the chamber without going in. You should see your life bar fill.

Vegeta: Easy tournament win
Do Final Flash, then run up to your opponent and press Kick. Then, do a kick combo.

Choose normal Vegeta at the character selection screen. When the match starts, use Final Flash. When your opponent is down, recharge your Ki. Do not turn to Super Saiyan as this will make your Ki decrease slowly. Repeat the process three or four times and you will win.

Extra Zenie
When you complete The Legend Of Hercule, the points you earn will be turned into Zenie.

Easier combos
If you are doing a combo that your having trouble with (for example, the Super Kamahamaha (K(2), Right + K, K, E), hold the D-pad and press the rest of the moves and it will put in the arrows. For example, hold Right and press K(2), K(2),

Red Capsule
On world championship mode, if you win you get 10,000 Zenie and second place gets you 5,000 Zenie. This is useful because when you go to the shop and buy the Red Capsule, you will get some very good moves such as Super Saiyan Trunks, Kamahamaha for Krillen, and even Super Saiyan Level 2 for Gohan.

The Legend Of Hercule (Mr. Satan) Capsule
Unlock Hercule and go to the Mr. Popo's shop. Buy the "Advanced Tournament" Capsule and the one that appears next is "The Legend Of Hercule". It is a new fighting mode, where you recreate the events that the public believed happened during the "Cell Games Saga".

When you select Legend Of Hercule, make sure you have a Senzu Bean and custom Hercule. When you get to fight Goku, your health will not replenish when you fight Gohan and Cell.

Gero's Perpetual Energy Capsule
To get unlimited energy, go to Mr. Popo's shop and go to the recommended section. Leave and return until Gero's Perpetual Energy appears. Every character can use it, but no transformations are allowed.

Frieza's Space Ship Capsule
Get 12,000 Zenie go to "Recommended" in Mr. Popo's shop. When you see Frieza's Space Ship. pay the 12,000 Zenie. This Capsule takes three spaces in Frieza's slot. When you die, Frieza's Space Ship appears and restores everything. It also transforms you into Cyber Frieza.

Play through the Namekian Saga under the hardest difficulty setting and defeat Frieza at all times without losing once. The Capsule at the end should be Frieza's Space Ship.

Advanced Tournament Capsule
Play in Adept mode and become number one. Go to Mr. Popo's shop. You will see a gray Capsule for 8000 Zenie. It is Advanced mode.

Adept Tournament Capsule
Play in Novice mode and become number one. Go to Mr. Popo's shop. You will see a gray Capsule for 8000 Zenie. It is Adept mode.

Alternate level appearance
In the alternate Cell Ring, pieces of mountains will have holes blown through them, houses will be smoking in the background, and the ring itself will be cracked and almost destroyed. Also in the background, some buildings have holes in them and one even has part of a train track in it.

Use the Spirit Bomb as Goku and you will find yourself in a crater fighting your opponent, with twisters in the background.

Use one of the following moves with the indicated character to fight in a crater:

Spirit Bomb with Goku or Cell
Super Kamehameha with Teen Gohan
Big Bang Attack with Vegeta
Burning Attack with Trunks
Hellzone Grenade with Piccolo
Death Ball with Freiza

Alternate background
When you start the game and "Press Start" appears, remain idle and a FMV sequence will start. When the title screen appears, the background will be different. There are three or four different backgrounds.

Besides the four backgrounds in the startup menu, and two different start up title songs, there is the normal background that has the actual Dragon Ball Z title screen from the show. There is also one that has to do with each main villain played against in the game.

Super Trunks 2 Capsule
There is a capsule to get Super Trunks 2. It is stronger then Super Trunks and is very helpful when fighting in the tournaments. You can purchase this from Mr. Popo. The "Recommended" capsule section is the best place to find it. Exit in and out of the purchase screen and the recommended capsule should eventually appear as Super Trunks 2.

First, buy the Capsule for the Adept level for World Tournament mode. Then, complete the Adept level with Trunks. When you go in the Skill Shop, the Super Trunks 2 capsule will be there for you to buy at the bottom as a ecommended

Tournament wins
At the start of the match, press P(3), K. This will knock your opponent into the air. Tap Forward(2) to fly up there, then press P to bash them down. If they do not fall out of the ring at first, bash them again.

Select any character (for example, Goku). Lure the opponent to the edge, get behind him, and try to knock him into the air. Before he falls, hit a Kamehameha and if you are in the correct position, it will knock him out.

To pick up a cheap win, play as Kid Gohan or Krillin. When you get matches with Recoome and other larger characters, most of their punches and kicks will not hit you.

Use this trick for a faster win in the world tournament level. You can do this with any character in the game. When you first start, it shows them posing and getting ready to fight, when the word "Ready?" appears, start pressing Left(2) or Right(2) quickly, depending on what side of screen you are on. Your opponent will start moving backwards closer to the edge of the ring. When the word "Fight!" appears, use the P(2)K(2)E move and they will go flying out of the ring. If you do not get the first punch, you are on your own.

If you are at the edge of the ring and your opponent is about to knock you off, do your character's grab technique. Oddly enough, every time you execute a throw in tournament mode, it sends you and your opponent straight back to the middle of the ring.

Keep pressing Forward + R until your opponent is out of the ring.

Use Teen Gohan (recommended), Goku, or Cell. Use kick combos to get them to the end of the ring, then use a Kamehameha or a few kicks or punches and they will fly out.

Attack boost
Add a Senzu Bean with Sayian Heritage. Your attack will be boosted after the Senzu Bean is used. A normal bean takes up 3.

You can unlock Zarbon when you complete the "Vegeta's Attack" episode.

Story mode replay
Once you have completed story mode once, you will notice that there are some people missing, except for Gohan as a super hero and Hercule who get unlocked in world championship mode. Go back to story mode and you will see what you have done instead of starting a new story. Some of the episodes will have "New" beside them. Go into those episodes to get new players and new player abilities, such as a Super Saiyan for Vegeta.

Alternate endings
After you complete the story mode you will be able to go back and do new missions in the three different sagas to unlock characters and items. After you do the new missions for each saga (can be done randomly), another mission opens where the story from the cartoon and game is changed. In the Saiyan Saga, you play as Vegeta and take on the Z Fighters. After Vegeta defeats each of them he turns Super Saiyan. In the Namek Saga, you play as Frieza and once again take on the Z Fighters. Once they are defeated Freeza, will use the Dragonballs and ask to be invincible. His wish is granted and he destroys Namek and then goes after Earth. In the Android Saga, you play as Cell. After absorbing Android 17, Cell goes after Android 18. He will try to absorb her but Krillin will jump in the way and be absorbed instead. Cell will become a hilarious fusion between the two. He will then take on Yamcha. After the fight, Tien goes to blast him but Cell suddenly wakes up from a dream. He is in his Perfect form waiting for the Cell Games.

These episodes can be unlocked when you complete Story Mode at any level.

Saiyan Saga episodes
2. A Mutually Deadly Foe: You fight Radditz as Piccolo instead of Goku. You will shoot out the Special Beam Cannon. To win, rotate one of the Analog-sticks clockwise. To do this easily, put the palm of your hand on both Analog-sticks and rotate them clockwise.
3 .Saiyan Attack: You fight Saibamen and Nappa as Piccolo.
7. Vegeta Saiyan Prince: You fight through Goku, Krillin, and Gohan as Vegeta and
see what would happen if Vegeta defeated them all.

Namek Saga episodes
2. Vegeta's Attack: You fight Zarbon as Vegeta
4. The Road to Super Saiyan: You fight Frieza as Vegeta.
5. Frieza or Vegeta?: You fight Frieza aganin but this time Frieza is in his Final form.
9. Raging Frieza: You fight Gohan or probably Krillin as Frieza.
10. True Ruler: You fight the Z fighters and see what would happen if Freiza ruled them all.

Androids episodes
2. Super Saiyan Vegeta: You fight Andriod #19 as Vegeta.
5. Vegeta's Confidence: You fight Cell as Super Vegeta.
6. Perfect Form Cell Complete: You fight Cell at Perfect Form as Super Vegeta.
11.Aim for Perfect Form: You fight Android #16 as Cell.
12. A Cold-Blooded Assassin: You fight Yamcha as a retarded looking Krillin/Cell thing.

Get Dragon Balls quicker
Go to the Skill Shop and go down to the "Recommended" section. It will tell you what item it is. If it is not a Dragon Ball, exit and re-enter the shop again. The Recommended item will have changed. Keep repeating this until you see a Dragon Ball in the Recommended section. Make sure you have enough money, as each Dragon Ball costs 8,000 Zenie.

After you complete story mode, go back to it. Go to Saiyan Sage episode 3, Saiyan Attack. You will play as Piccolo. You will first face five Saibaimen. Defeat them. Next, you have to face Nappa. You will only have two thirds health though. Defeat Nappa. Return and do this again as many times as you desired. Every time you defeat Nappa the first time without losing, you will get a Dragon Ball capsule.

Go to the tournament and win a lot of Zenie. Then, go to Mr. Popo's shop and buy everything in the "Recommended" section. Eventually, you will acquire the maximum amount of every capsule (9) and force the CPU to give you nothing but Dragon Balls. This takes a lot of time, but eventually you will get every breakthrough and stack every character's capsules up to 9, making them as strong as possible.

Taunting (press P + K + G + E) will lower your opponent's Ki gauge by 1.

You can unlock Yamcha when you complete the "Aim For Perfect Form" episode.

You may have already noticed that your character will be knocked out of his Super Saiyan Transformation when his Ki gauge goes anywhere below 3. By knowing this, you can determine several things in a battle. Note: Super Saiyan 2
Transformations also are knocked out at Ki gauge 3. Also, this has almost the same effect with Cell and Frieza's Forms.

Defeating Cell in Final Battle
When the battle starts, notice that you have one third of your health missing. Immediately hit Cell with a Super Kamehameha wave (Kick(3), Forward, Kick, Energy). This should knock out about half his health. Be careful, If you get too far ahead of Cell in health, he will turn into a killing machine. After the wave hits, get rid of the rest of Cell's life by doing punch combos.

Keep using physical attacks without using special moves. Eventually his guard will break and you will do more damage. This requires some practice, but you will eventually win.

Unlock Gt. Saiyaman
To get an easy win with any character in tournament mode, equip him with Gero's Perpetual Energy R&D, Vaccine, Viral Heart Virus, a specialty move (such as Galick Gun , Kamehameha , Destructive Wave, or Warp Kamehameha). When you battle, your opponent's life will go down, but not yours, from the virus. Because you have the Perpetual Energy R&D, you can do your specialty move as many times as desired after a punch combo. Also, since your Ki is always maxed out, when you block it will not go down and you will not take damage.

This tactic may take some time to complete, but it is worth it. First, set the timer to 30 seconds. Next, select any character and customize him with a vest of any kind, Viral Heart Disease, and Vaccine. Enter the Advanced Martial Arts Tournament, select the character that you customized, and send him into battle. Once started, just let your opponent knock you down. When you are on the ground hold Down to stay there. The CPU will try to punch, kick, and do other moves, but will not hit you. You can stay on the ground and the time will run to zero. The heart problem will take care of your opponent. The opponent may hit you a few times, but it will hurt you very much, if any. You can win all the matches in about five minutes and get 50,000 zenie quickly. Repeat this to get more money.

Easy win
To easily defeat an opponent, go to "Edit Skills" and give your character a Viral Heart Disease Capsule and a Vaccine Capsule. The Vaccine Capsule negates the effects of the Viral Heart Disease Capsule on your player, and only your opponent will get their life drained.

Fight through the story mode and/or the tournament mode until you can get the Senzu Bean, Viral Heart Disease, Vaccine, and Kamehameha skills. Equip all four skills on Goku, Gohan, or Krillin. When you now fight in a duel, allow your opponent to knock your health down to zero. By this time, the Viral Heart Disease should have depleted his health down to half of the last bar. The Senzu Bean will replenish all of your health and energy. Finish off your opponent with a four-punch combo and a Kamehameha.

Go into the options menu and set "Difficulty" to "Very Easy", "Com" to "Very Weak", equip the Vaccine, Viral Heart Disease, and a Senzu Bean, Set the time limit to 30 seconds.. When the match starts, dodge for the first fifteen seconds. The last fifteen seconds should deplete your opponent's health. When the clock reaches zero, if you have not been knocked out of the ring, you will be declared the winner.

Choose a small-sized character, such as Krillin or Gohan. Equip him with Vaccine and Viral Heart Disease and set the tournament to last thirty seconds. When you enter the tournament with your custom character, the opponent's health will be going down. When the thirty seconds are up, you will win. This is a very easy way to get Great Sayiaman or money.

When fighting in any match, press Guard until your opponent tries to throw a punch or kick. Then, as quickly as possible, press Punch(3) then blast. Then, knock him or her down with a kick combo. When an opponent is charging up their energy, use this time to back away and be ready for them to charge at you.

Go to the options screen and turn the difficulty all the way down. Try to block as many punches as you can, let your opponent come to you. Try to think as the Z-fighters would. Do the basic attacks Punch(3), Energy. It knocks the other fighter down so you can gather Ki, or go in the fighters face and kill them; or knock them out of the ring.

At the start of the match, press Punch(3), Kick. This will knock your opponent into the air. Tap Forward(2) to fly up there, then press Forward to knock the opponent out of the ring. Punch also works, but Forward is stronger. If it does not work, try it again.

When doing a "death move" such as the Kamehameha, Buster Cannon, Destructive Wave, Photon Shot, Power Blitz, etc., press Start at the moment just before it explodes on your opponent. The move will cause more damage. This may
require some practice.

Extra capsule slot
When selecting Capsules for any Saiyan, half Saiyan (except Saiyanman), or Cell, you can trick the CPU into giving you an extra slot. First, use four slots for anything, then use the 1/3 Sensu Bean and Saiyan Heritage. There should be an
empty slot at seven. Next, replace the 1/3 Sensu Bean for a normal Bean. In effect, you will get a full Sensu Bean for two slots instead of three. You cannot trick the CPU into changing the new eighth slot into anything else.

Random level
Press Up at the level selection screen. The screen should now have question marks and now say random. It will select any level in any order.

Getting Capsules easier
Go to story mode after you finish it. Finish any desired level and you should get a Capsule. Although you cannot choose the Capsule that you get, you might get a new Capsule that you need.

In order to collect all the Capsules and even the Dragonballs without playing in World Tournament Mode consistently to attain the money for them, just continue to play story mode after you have unlocked all the chapters. You will continue to receive capsules each time you play, and sometimes even a free Dragonball. Eventually, you will have the maximum of every capsule and force the CPU to give you Dragonballs. To make it even more simple, find a chapter such as number 9 in the Namekian Saga (Raging Frieza) that gives you three Capsules each time you complete it. The only capsules you will ever have to buy in Mr. Popo's shop are the two World Tournament Capsules for Adept and Advanced, and The Legend of Hercule Capsule.

You can unlock trunks when you complete the "Perfect Form Cell Complete" episode.

Trunks' Mystery Fiber Jacket Capsule
One of the rarest capsules in the game, this can be obtained by buying the recommended capsule at Mr. Popo's shop or by completing the Androids Saga episode: A New Threat.

Super Vegeta
You can unlock Super Vegeta when you complete the "Vegeta's Confidence" episode.

Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2 abilities (Teen Gohan only)
Play through "The Androids Saga" at any level.

Mr. Satan (Hercule)
Win a World Match Tournament at the "Adept" level.

Super Saiyan ability (Vegeta only)
Play through "The Androids Saga" at any level.

Android #18
After you finish story mode, re-enter it. Go to the Android Saga and find the new episode Super Saiyan Vegeta. Enter this episode and you will end up fighting Android #18. Once you defeat her you, will get a new skill that states that you can now use Android #18 anytime.

Super Saiyan ability (Goku only)
Play through "The Namek Saga" at any level.

Radditz, Vegeta, and Nappa
Play through "The Saiyan Saga" at any level.

Freiza, Ginyu, and Recoome
Play through "The Namek Saga" at any level.

Defeat Recoome with Vegeta.

Saiyaman (Gohan's alter ego)
Win a World Match Tournament at the "Advanced" level.

Cell, Android #17, and Teen Gohan
Play through "The Androids Saga" at any level.

Android #16
You can unlock Android #16 when you complete the "Aim For Perfect Form" episode.

How to get all the characters
To get Vegeta,Nappa,and Radiz play though the Sayian saga.To get Reacool,Captain Ginyu,and Frieza play though the Namekian saga.To get Trunks,Teen Gohan,Android 19,18,17,and Cell complete the Android saga.To get Hurcule complete the world tournament at novice level,and to get sayianman comple it at advanced level.

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