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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker

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Game Name : Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker
System : Game Cube
Date Added : 2003-03-29 00:42:16
Views : 14546

Get elixir soup
To get elixir soup get a fairy and give it to your grandma after you beat the Forsaken Fortress the second time. The soup heals both health and magic plus doubles your attack damage until you get hurt.

Change save-game background
If you change your GameCube's internal clock to daytime, the background at the save screen will show a blue sky. If you change it to night it will show a sky full of stars. Hold A then turn on your Cube to change the calendar setting.

Get purple back-packs
Target enemies with your grappling hook to get a purple back-pack from them.

Get easy knight's crests
Parry attack any kind of Darknut and get some armor. Keep using your grapple hook on him and get a knight's crest. Give ten to Orca, and he will teach you an ultimate move called the hurricane spin attack.

When Bacon Attacks
No, there are no chickens in this game. But that doesn't mean Wind Waker doesn't continue the "don't tease animals" theme. Try slashing at one of the little pigs on Windfall or Outset Island a few times, and you'll see what this all means?

Messing With Tingle
Tingle is rather fond of his golden statues. Hit them with your sword while the GBA is connected and on and he will comment on your reckless behavior. Even better, take a statue and throw it into the sea. Doing any of this things will get Tingle so irrate that he will drop bombs on you and scream in very large fonts. Also, if you come back later and talk to Knuckle, he will tell you that someone dropped the statues into the sea. But don't worry -- the statues will be back where they were.

Fun With Time
There is a clock-specific Easter Egg in the game. If your GameCube's internal clock is set to daytime, the background on the save game selection screen will show a blue daytime sky. If it's night, the screen will show be a starry sky backdrop instead. To change your clock setting, hold A while powering up your GameCube and select the Calendar function.

Fairy Upgrades
There are eight different possible fairy encounters in Wind Waker -- and each leaves you with a very helpful upgrade.
There are six standard fairy wells. Upgrades are typically given in this order, independently of which fairy you visit at what point in the quest:

1. Bigger Wallet: holds 1,000 rupees
2. More Bombs: 60
3. More Arrows: 60
4. More Bombs: 99
5. More Arrows: 99
6. Bigger Wallet: holds 5000 rupees

Northern Fairy Island
Requirement: Bombs

Outset Island Fairy Well
Requirement: Deku Leaf, Bombs

Western Fairy Island
Requirement: Skull Hammer

Eastern Fairy Island
Requirement: Bombs

Southern Fairy Island
Requirement: Bombs

Thorned Fairy Island
Requirement: Skull Hammer

Additionally, there are two special fairies:

Mother & Child Isle Fairy
Requirement: Balled of Gales
Simply warp to this island with the Ballad of Gales and you will receive the Fire and Ice Arrow upgrades (once you have the Hero Bow)

Big Octo Fairy
Requirement: Boomerang or Bombs
Look for the swarm of seagulls in the quadrant and shoot the Octo's eyes to free this fairy. She will double your magic meter.

Easy Blue Potion
Although the potion shop in the island with the town makes blue potions using the teardrop items from the slime monsters, it needs 15 blue teardrops to make one blue potion. Instead, use the grappling hook on the monster plants on the island with the big tree to get the venus flytrap item. This item can be traded to the little plant shaman inside the giant tree's cave for blue potions at a better exchange rate (5 flytraps for 1 potion).

New Costumes and DX Camera
Beat the game to unlock a couple new costumes. Link will be dressed in pajamas throughout the adventure, and Aril will wear a skull shirt. You will also have instant access to the DX camera. To make this work, make sure you save at the end of the game, and start the game again with that save file.

Get Hero's Charm
First, get the Cabana Deed from the school teacher Then collect 40 Joy Pendants (on top of the 20 you gave to the teacher). You can steal Joy Pendants from Bokoblins, so be sure to visit the outlook platforms on the ocean. Visit the schoolhouse again and present her with them. If you have more than 40, she'll take those, too. As a reward, you will receive the Hero's Charm. You can equip this mask from the stats screen that shows your weapon, songs, and Triforce pieces. While it's equipped, you can see your enemies' hitpoints.

Easy Items
To get the purple backpack item that you normally get from an enemy without defeating it, simply target the enemy and use the grappling hook. If you do this with every monster you meet, you amass a gross amount of overstock.

Get Hurricane Spin
Collect or steal Knight's Crests from the armored Darknut Knights. As soon as you have 10, go back to Outset Island and show them to Orca (the sword master). He will teach you the Hurricane Spin in return.

Free Gold Potion
After clearing the first dungeon (and getting the grappling hook item), capture a fairy in a bottle (or buy a red potion if you're stupid) and head back to the island you started the game on (it is all the way on the bottom row of the overworld, the second square from the left). Locate the old woman then target and use the fairy/red potion bottle on her. Speak to her for a free gold potion. It behaves like a blue potion, but may be used twice. When the gold potion is used up, you can get a free refill by simply speaking to the old woman.

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