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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Metroid Prime

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Game Name : Metroid Prime
System : Game Cube
Date Added : 2002-11-30 00:07:15
Views : 12863

Classic Metroid game
Note: This trick requires Metroid Fusion and the Game Boy Advance and a link cable. Successfully complete Metroid Fusion and save the game. Connect both games with the link cable to unlock the classic NES version of Metroid.

Metroid Fusion costume
Note: This trick requires Metroid Fusion and the Game Boy Advance and a link cable. Successfully complete Metroid Prime and save the game. Connect both games with the link cable to unlock Samus' Metroid Fusion costume.

Fire missiles faster
With the first gun equipped, rapidly press Y + A. As soon as the missile fires, the gun will switch back to beam weapon mode, but when you press Y again, it fires another missile. This can take down enemies in a shorter time, preventing them from having more attacks on you.

See Samus' reaction
To see Samus' reaction within the helmet inside of the reflection, charge and shoot directly at the ground. Note: Try this in an icy place.

Kill birds in Chozo Ruins
When you enter the Chozo Ruins, aim your gun skywards. You will see birds flying. Shoot the birds and they will explode, with feathers all over the place.

Defeating Metroids
Normal Metroids (not Prime) can be dispatched rapidly by using Freeze Beam followed by a missile.

Defeating Chozo Ghosts easily
Shoot two Super Missiles to kill Chozo Ghosts. Also, if you have the X-ray Scope, you can maintain a lock on them.

Defeating Elite Pirates
When the Elite Pirates burst out of containment, switch to your normal beam and build up a charge shot. When the Elite is not trying to absorb energy, fire a Super Missile at them. Two Super Missiles will take them down.

Defeating the plant Boss
The trick is to knock down the light-reflecting mirrors and bomb the plant away. At first, there is only one mirror that reflects the light and helps grow the plant. Fire at the Boss with normal fire rapidly until it is stunned; there is no need for heavy firearms. It will not be able to attack you at all if you stun it on time. After the plant Boss is stunned, run to the one reflecting mirror and shoot the red target behind the mirror with either a charge beam or only one missile. The plant will shrink and its spiky roots will vanish. Roll into a ball, go into where the roots were protecting, and drop a bomb. The plant is killed, but returns with two mirrors. Do the same thing with two mirrors, then three mirrors, then finally four mirrors. After finally killing the plant, the Varia Suit is yours.

Get Image Gallery #1
Scan 50% of the Creature & research data

Get art gallery 2
Scan 100% everything

Get Image Gallery #3
Collect 100% all items

Get Image Gallery #4
Finish the game on Hard mode

Cinema Metroidiso
Collect every Missile expansion, power bomb expansion, and Energy tank in the game and you'll unlock a secret end of the game cinema. There may also be other surprises in store as well?

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