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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Louvre: The Final Curse

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Game Name : Louvre: The Final Curse
System : Macintosh
Date Added : 2002-10-12 00:03:42
Views : 17857

Walkthrough :
Chapter 1

After the long intro, you see a cut-scene. When it ends, you are already in the
museum. Turn to face the stairs and go forward. Walk up the stairs and go to the
door. Turn right to see the panel on the wall. Inspect it. Open the inventory and
click on "Magnetic blue identity pass" and then click on use. Click on the panel
to use the card on it. The door opens. Go forrth. When the door closes behind
you, go forward and then right. ITs the only way. Go left of the green light.
Turn right and inspect the Idol. Tke it. CUT-SCENE.

Chapter 2
You are now in the Louvre, but in the medieval age. You must discover and
retrieve the remaining 3 idols before anyone else. Go right, turn left and
inspect the box. Here is your equipment. Take everything. NOTE: When you travel
between ages, your items will ALWAYS be in these chests, much like resident
evil's safe rooms. When you want to use something you currently dont carry with
you, there should be a chest nearby. So, you can drop something you dont need in
time A in the chest in the north, and when you are south to use the box to
retrieve it back! Handy eh??? END OF NOTE.
Go left, and move to the door to your left. Click again to enter. Go forward,
turn right and inspect the chair. Use "diamond Knife" on chair. You can do
nothing right now for this, so you better leave it for now. Turn to the fireplace
and move forward. Inspect the window on your right. Use the Knife on it. Inspect
it. Combine the Bow with the Bow arrows and use it on the guard. Go back to the
chair. Open the door on the left of the chair. Inside head left, up the stairs.
Go forward till you reach the Lantern. Use the knife on the rope holding it
there. Go down to the guard and take the key he dropped. Go closer to the guard,
and take his clothes, in order to be more age-specific, as if a guard spots you
dressed like a new-age thief, he will hunt you down immediately. Leave somethiung
in the chest right of the chair next to the guard. Inspect the area left of the
door. Take the jag of water. Go back to the previous room and use the jag of
water on the fire in the fireplace. Go to the room you left the guard unconsious
and go through the door to the outside. Go forward. Use nylon rope on the well.
CUT-SCENE. After the cut-scene, take the formula (the paper on the table). Go
through the door on the left. Turn right and go forward till you see the guard
you hit with the bow+arrow. Inspect him. Take the key. Go back up the well, and
right of the door you used to get to the outside.
Use the key you just took off the guard to unlock the door, and enter. Take the
bottle of alcohol located between the last two barrels, near the window. Inspect
the window. Use the knife on it. Inspect it. Combine the bow with the hook and
the nylon rope and use it on the small house. Go into the house and turn right.
Move forward continuously. CUT-SCENE. After the cut-scene, go back to the room
with the barrels, from which you shot yourself to the garden, using the
bow+hook+rope on the window out of the house. Go back to the fireplace room and
use the formula piece of paper on the paper on the chair.
Move to the fireplace and turn around to inspect the small relic on front of the
chair. Use the flashlight on it to make the guard go away. Inspect the chest he
was looking at. Take the "Aconite flower bottle". Go to the room with the barrels
again and shoot yourself to the house again. Go into the house and turn right. Go
forward and turn left. Take the rose. Mix the rose with the alcohol. Go to the
room you started the chapter in and use the knife on the left of the door that
leads you to the fireplace room. You take the saltpetre. Mix the aconite flower
bottle with the saltpetre. Go to the barrel room. Shoot the chest's lock with the
combined bow+arrow. Mix what you find inside with the red paste. Use the blue
paste on the key inside the bottle, in the alchemist's room. (you have to use the
nylon rope on the well to go to the alchemists). Take the key. Before you leave,
inspect the skull on top of the door on the left of the table. Take the small
With this key, unlock the lock located on the furniture in front of the
fireplace, in the fireplace room. when you use the unlocked furniture, the grid
above the fireplace opens. Use the rope to get up. Once up, pick up the stool on
your left. Move forward and open the closet. Take the incest. Move left and
forward, and take the manuscript. Turn around and use the red key on the book to
open it. Read the book. After you read the book and close it, click on :
1)Capricorn (left of the door), 2)Aquarious (2 panels left), and 3)Pisces
(center). All these panels are located on the top of the walls in the room you
met the King. After you do that right, a cabinet opens. Go to the open cabinet
and take the plate. Mix the incest with the white seeds. Mix the plate with the
manuscript. Outside the library, use the stool in front of the closet you found
the incest in, and use the flashlight on closet. Take the silver key. Go outside
the barrel room. Turn right. You will see a bridge. Shoot yourself up there using
the combination of bow+hook+rope. Inspect the door. Click on the symbols in this
order :

First the one that is 1)a circle with a dot inside, something like this
|||||| @ ||||||


2) the circle with the arrow on it, you know the one used to present the male.
Female has the arrow on the down side.

3) The symbol that is like a 4 but with a tail on it. It also looks like a 2 and
a 4 combine together.

4) the symbol of the bull in the horoscopes. You know, the one that is presented
like a circle with a ) turned 90 degrees to the right, and a line in its

5) This one is really weird. Its like a snake with a cross on its head. Its like
an S with a T combined.

6) The female sign. You know, the one with a circle and a cross on the down side
of the circle.

7) The moon sign.

I know that these descriptions are far from the truth, but i cannot give you a
better idea, if there isnt a foto. If you really are stuck on this, email me and
i will try to send you the photo.

Use the silver key on the keyhole. Once inside, go to the treasure chest. Use the
gold key on it. Take the ruby. In one of the alcoves, there is a tapestry. Use
the ruby on it. Inspect the throne at the center of the room. Press the switch on
the left arm of the throne.Take the pazuzu idol. When the guards arrive, head for
the door opposite of the tapestry you used the ruby on. Its now open. When down,
throw the red seeds into the small firey place right of you. Quickly, wear/use
the mask. END OF CHAPTER.

Chapter 3

Turn left. Pick up the tablet. Turn right and head to the chest. Get everything
you can. Go through the alcove left of where you started, turn left and go
forward. Once out, turn right and pick up the stone. Turn left and go to the
window. Inspect it. Use the knife on it. Get inside. When inside, turn right and
go forward. Turn right inspect the door, and click on the small door on it. Take
the key. Turn left and go to the closet. Open it and take the clothes. Use the
flashlight on the closet and take the key. Get out through the window. Go forward
and turn left. Throw the stone next to the guard, in order to make him go away.
Go forward two times and turn left to inspect the barrels. Take the plant. Go
into the building that is guarded. Turn right and go forward. Turn to the window
and go forward. Turn around and use the combination of hook-rope-bow on the
balcony above you. Once up, take the hammer and chisel. Go back down. Go where
you entered the room. Turn left, go forward and talk to the guard. Turn right and
go forward, near the fireplace. Talk to the queen. Turn right and go forward. Use
the sideboard key to open the door. Inside, talk to the guard and move forward to
the stairs. Once up, turn left. Right of the stairs you came by is a wooden
thing. Inspect it. Use the service lift key to open it. Use the lever and pickup
the basket. Once the cut-scene finishes, go to the room you found the sleeping
woman, the room you took your clothes out of the closet. Inspect the area below
the table, near the closet. Take the gun. Go back into the castle, where you used
the hook to climb up to the balcony. Look down to the floor by the window. Click
on the usable tile, and get up the balcony again. Enter the newly opened door.
After cut-scene, take the general formula paper, right of the alchemist, then
inspect the table in front of him. Use the tablet on the bottle. Use the flower
on the bottle and take the flask generated. Go to the room on the first floor,
where you entered when you took the basket off the service lift. Use the flask
you made in the alchemist's on the guard. He falls asleep. Inspect the bed. Take
the ring. Turn left and inspect the closet. Open it and open the 2 drawers. Take
the paper from the first and the bottle from the second. Inspect the closed
window left of the closet, open it and turn right. Use the hook-bow-rope to shoot
yourself to the other side. Go to the fireplace. Turn right and inspect. Take the
fireplace tool. Turn left and open the chest. Take the log. Throw the log into
the fire. Turn around and inspect the throne. Turn left. Examine the drawings on
the walls. You can use the ring on each of them. The correct order is:

Go down the newly opened path and use the general formula to the door. Enter.
Inside, walk by the right hand side of the room to avoid been caught by the guard
on the next room. Move as forward as it goes. Turn and move left THROUGH the
stairs and NOT up the stairs. Use the knife on your left. Use bow+arrow on the
guard. Go through the place the guard was. On the right corner there are 2
tapestries and a door. Click on every tapestry till the picture of a single man
in red colors shows up. Do this to both tapestries and see the number that
appears on the top of the door. (1553). Turn around and go as forward as it goes.
Inspect the sleeping guard, and take his bullets and the powder flask. Go back
into the room you shot the guard from, and place the pazuzu idol statue you hold
in the upper left corner of your inventory in the basement of the red idol. Wear
the mask. After the cut-scene, pickup the idol placed opposite of the red one's
place. It is the first statue!!!! Then go to the room with the sleeping woman and
the closet and wake her up by using the bottle with urine on her. Turn left and
inspect the window. Take the books and use them on the hotspot on the floor, by
the chest as you enter the room. Walk up to them and take the letter. Combine the
letter with the formula for revelation and give the outcome to the kid in the
king's room (the room in which you made the guard go asleep using the alchemist's
flask. Then go to the room next to the ambassador's room where you met the
priest. Inspect the fourth furniture from the sleeping guard to the right, and
take the scethes. Go into the ambassador's room and go up the scaffolding this
time. Move forward and turn around. Look up the light and inspect. Use hammer and
chisel on the BULL and take the bull shaped key. Go to the main room, where the
boy was praying before his father's statue. Inspect the king's statue and use the
fire tong to take the sceptre. Go to the king's room again. Use the bull key on
the zodiac cycle on the clock. Enter the number 1553. Use the sceptre on the
clock of the clocktower. Make the hour 2 o clock. When you ve done this, turn the
bul key on the zodiac again to have ARIES aligned on the arrow. Take the fourth
Come out to the courtyyard. When the timer starts, shoot the barrels with the

Chapter 4
Go right and use the chest to take whatever inside. Go towards the exit of the
room but go into the dark alcove and pickup the copper wire. Exit the room, and
go forward to the left side of the wall. Walk around till you see the woman.
After she gets away with her customer, take his clothes and purse and go back out
of the room you started in, and talk to the man. Use the purse on him. You are in
the big room now. Inspect the box on your right and take the parchment. Walk to
the opposite end of the room and open the door. Open the next door. Turn left and
inspect the small table. Take the champaigne glass. Go to the outside again, and
go a step BACK from the point you met the lady. Inspect the wall to your right.
Use the BOW+HOOK+ROPE to shoot yourself up. Once up talk to the alchemist and
take whatever you can. Open the drawer and take the necklace. Combine the
necklace with the champaigne glass and give it to the lady in the big room. Go
into the room you took the glass of champaigne from and use the key the lady left
you on the table, on the drawer behind you. Take the clothes. Use the score on
the piano behind you. After the cut-scene, go into the door right of the piano
(the big door). Inside take tha crank off the drawing. Go back to the previous
room, inspect the table left of the piano and take the key. Go to the small room
between this one and the big one, and go up the stairs. Up, go through the door.
Inside, turn left and inspect the table. Use the crank on the mechanism and take
the bottle. Turn left again and inspect. Use the key on the lock and take the
book. Turn left and inspect and inspect the first library too. Take the book. Go
to the room you took the crank from, and use the bottle on the locked door.
Enter. Up, talk to the painter. Move forward and take the ladder. Move forward
and go right, through the door. Move forward and forward again. Inspect the table
and pickup the explanation. Go downstairs and move forward past the door. Pickup
the coal. Go back to the room where you picked up the crank and use the general
purpose formula on the kid statue. Take the acid. Go to the first floor again
through the stairs in the small room between the piano room and the one you met
the lady. Use the acid on the cabinet's lock. Take the sulphate flask and sheet
of copper and zinc off the central drawer. Go in to the door on the right. Use
sulphate flask on the box on the table. Throw in the sheets of copper and zinc.
Go to the gallery room again. Use the ladder in front of the second set of
drawings, right of the stairs. Pickup the top left picture. Go to the painter and
give him the picture. Use it on his board. Take it again. Give it to the
sculptor, he is located in the small room you passed by to take the coal. Give
him the book reffering to persia combined with the revelation formula. Turn
around and open the closet. Take the crockery. Look up and take the hammer. Use
the coal on top of the oven. Use crockery on top of the oven too. Go back to the
alchemist's by using rope+bow+hook again on the building in the courtyyard. Go
out of the room and turn around. Look at the rop right of the building. Use
bow+arrow on the ridgepole on top of the building. Go to the place you met the
lady in the start of the chapter and take the copper ridgepole, located right of
the carriage. Go back to the sculptors room. Use the copper ridgepole on top of
the oven. Wear the mask. Use the hammer on the output. Take the statue. Go to the
room with the library ( the one you trown the sulphate flask in the box on the
table.). You now have :
1) The statue
2) The zinc tile
3) the zinc sheet
4) the copper sheet
You also have two pots, the one is filled with sulphate and the other with
sulphuric acid.
When you short-circuit the whole thing with the copper wire (you must do this !!)
you get something that looks like this:
| __________________ |
| | | |

First pot Second pot.

In the book says that the idol must be place WITH a zinc tile in sulphate. So use
the idol on the first pot on the left slot. Then use the zinc tile on the right
slot of the first pot. In the book says that pazuzu must be linked with the
copper cable with a sheet of copper, and the zinc tile with the zinc sheet. So,
place the zinc sheet on the left slot of the second pot and put the copper sheet
on the rightt slot of the second pot. ( remember that the idol and the tile go to
the first pot and the sheets to the second.). Short-circuit the whole thing by
using the copper wire on the top of all this thing. If you've done it right, the
idol is ready!!!!!! TAKE IT!! When the guard come in, use the general purpose
formula on the fireplace behind you and escape through it. END OF

Chapter 5

Go right, open the chest and take whatever inside. Go left till you reach the
locked door. Shoot the door with the bow+arrow. 4 pillars emerge. Place the four
idols on the four pillars. After cut-scene, go back to the door you unlocked by
shooting it with the bow, and turl left of the door. Inspect the arch. Use the
revelation formula on the ground. Use general purpose formula on the hatch. Take
the magic fibula. Combine the fibula with the formula revealing some of anselme's
basic secrets. You are back in time again. Inspect the window and use the knife
on it. Combine the bow with arrows and use it on anselme.(the man in the centre,
on the fire).!!!!!! GAME COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
but what a shitty ending eh?????

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