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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Super Mario Sunshine

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Game Name : Super Mario Sunshine
System : Game Cube
Date Added : 2002-09-07 08:05:33
Views : 7167

Ending bonus
Successfully complete and save the game. You can pay 10 coins to use a boat near the clock tower where Yoshi is found to return to the Airport level at the start of the game. Additionally, you can get a Hawaiian shirt in addition to the sunglasses that the man wearing sunglasses gives Mario normally during the game.

Alternate ending screen
Successfully complete the game with all 120 Shine Sprites and the ending screen will show all the characters in the game. There are 240 Blue Coins and 120 Shine Sprites. You need 50 Shine Sprites and have level 7 completed on all seven stages to get to level 8. You only need 117 Shine Sprites to complete the game to get one ending. Get the last three Shine Sprites to see a different ending. Get the shirt and glasses for a different appearing ending.

To get the sunglasses, talk to the man wearing glasses on the beach in Dolphic Plaza. The sunglasses tint your screen as if you were actually wearing them. He is also found in many other levels. He will not give them to you if you have less that 30 Shine Sprites.

Get Yoshi
Progress though the game till you get 25 Shine Sprites. Go to Pinnal Park and complete Story #4 . You will now be back in town. The Fake Mario will appear with an egg. Chase him down to get Yoshi.

Yoshi juice
After eating a fruit, Yoshi can then spit out juice to defeat enemies.

Higher jumps with Yoshi
Do Mario's spinning technique when on Yoshi to jump higher. He can also spit juice in this form.

Yoshi's Spritzer Squirt
Press R, then press A.

Avoid dying
Pause the game when you are about to die and select "Exit Area". You will be teleported in front of the level you were at and not lose a life. Note: This does not work if you are falling.

Avoid losing health when falling
When falling from high places, press L to do a Ground Pound. This will make you fall very fast and not lose health.

Easy cleaning
Instead of taking a bath each time Mario gets dirty, do one or two spin jumps.

Jump onto buildings
Use a Ground Pound on a manhole cover then immediately jump up. This will send you high into the air. Use a Hover Nozzle to get on the building. Note: Some items, such as Shine Sprites and Blue Coins, can be found on roofs.

Spinning jump
After jumping, you can do a spin by rotating the Analog-stick once in a circle.

Sprinkler Water Spray
To execute the Sprinkler Water Spray easily, do a Spin Jump and hold R.

Faster transportation
To make Mario get around a little faster, use the single spray nozzle and shoot a small amount of water in front of him. Run and press B to do a belly slide. He will slide through the water and keep going at a high speed. This will continue as long as you do not hit anything.

Swim faster
When swimming, switch to your hover and press R. It will give you a little boost while swimming. Not only can you hold R with the Hover Nozzle while pressing A to swim fast; if you hold C-stick Up as well, you can swim very fast. The C-stick trick also works when Mario is wearing his "scuba gear", which is great for the Red Coin fish stage.

Select files with moves
When you are selecting a file you can do a Spin Move and the Side Jump to get onto the blocks.

Sunglasses and shirt Pianta location
The following is where the Pianta man that gives you the sunglasses is located in each level:

Delfino Plaza: Fruits Street.
Bianco Hilles: Near the start point.
Ricco Harbor: Near the start point.
Gelato Beach: Beach house.
Pinna Park: Near the start point.
Sirena Beach and Noki Bay: Not found in this level.
Pianta Village: In the village during the daytime only.

Easy lives
Whenever you complete a level, go to the water directly next to where the boats go in and out. Dive all the way to the bottom and you will see a 1-Up Mushroom. Whenever you return from a level or start from the beginning, it will be there.

Go to the island where the man is stranded and spray the fire. A 1-Up Mushroom will appear.

Go to the second obstacle level (with spinning cubes and platforms) and get the extra life on the star and the one floating by the spinning cube (second). Exit the area and repeat this as many times as desired.

Go to the Sirena Beach level (with the haunted hotel and casino), preferably in the second episode. To the left of where you begin are three boxes. The middle one has an extra life in it. You can get it, exit the level, and repeat this as many times as desired.

When in Delfino Plaza, go to the beach. There is a hidden sewer grate. Spray around until you see the red circle just past the second umbrella. Ground Pound to go into the sewer ad find a 1-Up Mushroom there. Enter a stage, exit, go back, and repeat as needed.

Anybody that gives you a blue coin the first time you wash them off, or get them fruit, will also give you a 1-Up if you wash them off or get them fruit again.

Finding coins
Find a patch of flowers and spray them all quickly. Four or five Coins will appear from the middle of the patch.

If you wash off a person with sludge, they may give you a Blue Coin.

Go on top of trees and you might find some extra Coins.

Spray the wanted of Mario posters in Delfino Plaza to get one Coin each. Some do not always give Coins.

Eat the green birds with Yoshi to get regular Coins. Eating blue birds will give you Blue Coins.

You can get Blue Coins for helping the people in Delfino Plaza get fruit and putting them into a basket.

Spray a symbol (X) with water until it goes away. A blue coin will appear from another symbol (and vice versa).

If you wander around in the manhole (usually in underwater tunnels) you will find yellow and blue coins.

Get coins in the harbor (with bloopers) by going onto the sky walks. There are tons of coins up there.

During the first level, when you approach a red circle on the beach, stomp there to find the question mark coins.

Get yoshi and go to galeto beach, don't go inside. Face the "M" and then go leftuntil you get to the guy with the sunglasses (get when you have 30 shine sprites or more) turn around and shoot the juice from yoshi in a straight line and then you will see a shinespite on the sand and a shinesprite will come out of it.
(Submiteed By: Mark)

When you’re in delfeno plaza, go to where the pianta is stranded. If you see a yellow bird, spray it with water. Then a shine sprite will appear.
(Submiteed By: Tucker)

In Gelato beach, go to story #8 "The watermelon festival" and face the Noki's watermelon and turn around to face the palmtrees.Spray while walking forwards until you hit something. Spray on it until you see a outline of a shinesprite. It will give you a blue coin. There is another where the sand castle was in story #1 "The sand castle's secret".
(Submiteed By: Emma Hartsook)

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