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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Drone Tactics

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Game Name : Drone Tactics
System : Nintendo DS
Date Added : 2008-03-04 20:46:05
Views : 16062

Fusion recipes
1. Flitter Dance: Gained from most Badland levels
2. Monarch Dance: Flitter Dance x5
3. Morpho Dance: Flitter Dance x2 + Monarch Dance x6
4. Butterfly Kiss: Flitter Dance x4 + Monarch Dance x4
5. Firefly Kiss: Monarch Dance x4 + Butterfly Kiss x2
6. Monarch Kiss: Butterfly Kiss x5
7. Cricket Song: Monarch Dance x1 + Firefly Kiss x1 + Monarch Kiss x6
8. Katydid Song: Morpho Dance x1 + Monarch Kiss x1 + Cricket Song x6
9. Bell Bug Song: Katydid Song x3 + Morpho Dance x1 + Cricket Song x1
10. Cimexus Hymn: Morpho Dance x1 + Monarch Kiss x1 + Bell Bug Song x3
11. Grass Hopping: Gained from levels
12. Locust Leap: Grass Hopping x6
13. Orbweaver: Gained from levels
14. Spider Thread: Orbweaver x6
15. Moth Wings: Gained from levels
16. Atlas Wings: Moth Wings x8
17. Ladybug Eye: Gained from levels
18. Ludybug Luck: Ladybug Eye x6
19. Tetra Seed: Gained from levels
20. Tri-Tetra: Tera Seed x3
21. Tetra Bomb: Tetra Seed x2 + Tri-Tetra x1
22. Tetra Nuke: Tetra Seed x1 + Tri-Tetra x1 + Tetra Bomb x1
23. Termite Army: Gained from levels
24. Locust Army: Termite Army x4
25. Cicada Song: Termite Army x4 + Locusts Army x2
26. Cricket Army: Termite Army x2 + Locusts Army x2 + Cicada Song x2
27. Scarab Secret: Unknown
28. Unknown: Unknown
29. Scorpion Rush: Gained from levels
30. Beetle Rush: Scorpion Rush x5
31. Netune Horn: Gained from levels
32. Beetle Horn: Neptune Horn x7
33. Beetle Pincer: Neptune Horn x2 + Beetle Horn x6
34. Beetle Acid: Neptune Horn x2 + Beetle Horn x2 + Beetle Pincer x2
35. Scorpion Tail: Beetle Horn x2 + Beetle Pincer x2 + Beetle Acid x4
36. Mosquito Bite: Beetle Horn x1 + Beetle Pincer x2 + Beetle Acid x2
37. Bee Sting: Gained from levels
38. Slug Poison: Bee Sting x4
39. Dragonfly Rage: Gained from levels
40. Skimmer Rage: Dargonfly Rage x7
41. Dragonfly Fury: Dragonfly Rage x2 + Skimmer Rage x6
42. CockRoach Grin: Gained from levels
43. Spider Web: Dragonfly Rage x2 + Skimmer Rage x2
44. Shield Bug: Dragonfly Rage x2 + Skimmer Rage x2 + Spider Web x2
45. Unknown: Unknown
46. Mantis Touch: Unknown
47. Longhorn Touch: Mantis Touch x7
48. Titan Touch: Mantis Touch x2 + Longhorn Touch x6
49. Stinkbug Bomb: Unknown
50. Apicalis Touch: Stinkbug Bomb x5
51. Bee's Revenge: Gained from levels
52. Hornet Fury: Bee's Revenge x8
53. Ant Ambush: Bee's Revenge x1 + Hornet Fury x7
54. Oakleaf Decoy: Unknown
55. Moth Decoy: Oakleaf Decoy x6
56. Mantis Decoy: Oakleaf Decoy x1 + Moth Decoy x7
57. Bagworm Shell: Gained from levels
58. Snail Shell: Bagworm Shell x8
59. Snail Armor: Bagworm Shell x2 + Snail Shell x6
60. Water Bear: Bagworm Shell x2 + Snail Armor x2 + Snail

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