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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Mario Party DS

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Game Name : Mario Party DS
System : Nintendo DS
Date Added : 2007-12-04 15:21:42
Views : 14711

Music and Voice Room
Successfully complete Story mode.

Rocket Rascals
Successfully complete Boss Bash.

Make Piranha Plant spit fire in Wiggerlers Garden
If an opponent lands on a Piranha Plant space, rapidly tap the Piranha Plant to make it spit fire. This will not always work, but you are more likely to make it spit fire if you tap it with the stylus.

Triangle Twister Puzzle mode
Successfully complete Story mode.

Expert CPU difficulty
Successfully complete Story mode.

Boss Trophies
You can see them in the gallery section
Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Beaten Dry BonesBeat Dry Bones 5 times
Beaten Hammer BroBeat Hammer Bro 5 times
Beaten KamekBeat Kamek 5 Times
Beaten Piranha PlantBeat Piranha Plant 4 times
Bomb SeedBeat Piranha Plant 3 times
Bowser´s MegaMorph BeltBeat Bowser once
Delicious DurianBeat Dry Bones twice
Dry Bones´s BoneBeat Dry Bones 4 times
Electromagnetic GeneratorBeat Bowser twice
Enchanted BookcaseBeat Kamek twice
Hammer Bro´s HammerBeat Hammer Bro 4 times
Jagged LeafBeat Piranha Plant once
Kamek´s Blue DictionaryBeat Kamek 4 times
Kamek´s Brown BookBeat Kamek 3 times
Magic SwitchBeat Dry Bones 3 times
Toadette´s ChairBeat Hammer Bro once
Toadette´s PianoBeat Hammer Bro twice
Toadette´s TimpanoBeat Hammer Bro 3 times
Winner´s BallonBeat Piranha Plant twice
Winner´s PenBeat Kamek once
Yummy LycheeBeat Dry Bones once

Below a list of unlockable Badges:
Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Bob-omb Rival badgeEarn 15,000 Mario Party points.
Boo Rival badgeEarn 7,000 Mario Party points.
Cheep Cheep Rival badgeEarn 5,000 Mario Party points.
Daisy Master badgeComplete Story Mode with Daisy.
Goomba Rival badgeEarn 1,000 Mario Party points.
Luigi Master badgeComplete Story Mode with Luigi.
Mario Master badgeComplete Story Mode with Mario.
Mario Party DS Begginer badgeNo need to unlock. You start with it.
Monty Mole Rival badgeEarn 13,000 Mario Party points.
Peach Master badgeComplete Story Mode with Peach.
Scuttlebug Rival badgeEarn 3,000 Mario Party points.
Shy Guy Rival badgeEarn 9,000 Mario Party points.
Toad Master badgeComplete Story Mode with Toad.
Toadette Friend badgeEarn 19,000 Mario Party points.
Waluigi Master badgeComplete Story Mode with Waluigi.
Wario Master badgeComplete Story Mode with Wario.
Whomp Rival badgeEarn 11,000 Mario Party points.
Wiggler Friend badgeEarn 17,000 Mario Party points.
Yoshi Master badgeComplete Story Mode with Yoshi.

Obtain Every Mini-Game
Normally, you must play hidden mini-games first before you're allowed to pick them from the list in mini-game mode. However, if you link with someone and played Party Mode, all mini-games will become available on the list without having to play them first.

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