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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Legend Of Zelda, The : Ocarina Of Time - Master Quest

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Game Name : Legend Of Zelda, The : Ocarina Of Time - Master Quest
System : Game Cube
Date Added : 2008-01-22 12:58:24
Views : 14198

Hylian Shield
Go to the graveyard at night and pull the grave with the flowers in front of it.

Gold Skulltulas
To get these, have some bottled bugs and go to the bean beds with the holes in it. Let them go on it, There are ten bean beds.

Baby Ghoma
Whenever you see the Baby Ghoma, make sure to take them out before they hatch out of their eggs. The slingshot is recommended. Some rooms contain ten to fifteen eggs. Get them before they become an annoyance.

Gold Scale
To get this item, catch one big fish in the fishing mini-game.

Fall in wall
While in the Forest Temple, go the second hallway (after defeating the first two Poes) and cast Faroe's Wind. Then, go back past the first hallway, strike the crystal switch to make the hallway straight, then return to the hallway where you cast Faroe's Wind by pressing the C-stick in the direction you have it set. Next, travel back towards the first hallway. You go through the door to find yourself in the wall. You can then leave the wall and enter the strange room or jump into the darkness on your right or left. You will be falling in the wall. Note: You will lose a life after falling for about a minute.

Lost Woods: Easy rupees
After you give the kid in the Lost Woods who plays the Ocarina with you the Skull mask from the Happy Mask Shop, leave and return later. He should attack you. Defeat him to get a orange rupee worth 500 rupees. You can do this as many times as desired.

Delivering the Bunnyhood
To deliver the Bunnyhood, you first need to set all four carpenters in the Gerudo Fortress free so that they may repair the bridge. Then. talk to the running man, but do not challenge him. Warp to the Temple Of Time and go back in time. Find the running man during the daylight, then wait for night or play the Sun's Song so that he will stop. You can now talk to him to sell him The Bunnyhood. Note: You need the Giants or Adult Wallet as he will pay you until your wallet is full.

Sun Song
Go to the Graveyard then to the Triforce Mark in the back. Play Zelda's Lullaby.

Defeating Ganondorf
Use the following trick to deflect Ganondorf's super fireball attack. Equip the biggoron's sword or the giant's knife. Charge the sword when the super attack is coming. When it is directly in front of you, unleash the charge of the sword. Ganondorf's attack will return to him and this will hurt him.

Stone Of Agony
This useful item can find hidden holes .You must have the rumble feature enabled for this to work. Also, you must have killed twenty Gold Skulltulas.

Defeating King Dodongo
Wait for him to open his mouth and throw a bomb or bomb flower in it. When it explodes, attack him.

Epona's Song
After getting Zelda's letter, go to LonLon Ranch and speak to Malon. Play the ocarina for her to teach the song to you.

Zora's Domain: Orange Rupee
Note: It is recommended that you would get at least the Adult's or Giant's Wallet before doing this. In Zora's Domain, go to the top of the waterfall as a child and talk to the Zora there. Accept the mini-game and he will throw Rupees in the water below. Rarely, if you are lucky, he will throw an Orange Rupee worth 500 Rupees. Keep playing the mini-game at anytime if you want the Orange Rupee again.

Multiply bugs
This trick requires at least one Bottle. First, catch a bug then let it go. When released, the bug will multiply into three. Take them the "crazy man" who will buy them. Keep repeating this until you have enough money. Also, put the bugs into the soft spots in the ground.

Pulled through gate
In the Water Temple, there is a passageway that leads to a gate with a torch, two boxes, and a gold Skulltula behind it. As the passageway breaks off in two directions, hookshot the torch while the gate is closed. You can be pulled through the gate without getting hurt. Unfortunately, there is no way to leave once you are here, but you can get the Skulltula.

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