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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Halo 2

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Game Name : Halo 2
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2007-04-22 09:00:43
Views : 26913

Send tanks flying
While playing on a map with two Scorpion tanks available (Coagulation recommended), have a friend drive his or her tank up against a canyon wall until it flips upside-down, and your friend falls out. Drive your tank over to your friend's tank. Face the side that looks like a ramp. Line your tank up and start driving up it until one is on top of the other. While you are still in the top tank, have you friend walk over to the bottom one. The "Hold X to flip tank" message will appear. Once flipped, the bottom tank will send the top one flying high into the air (sometimes above the level), spinning at incredible speeds. After awhile, the tanks may start to catch fire and wear-down.

Foundation: Zombies strategies
There are many different strategies to use while playing Zombies on Foundation. First of all, if the weapons are set on Magnums, get as much ammunition as possible and about three Magnums. This is useful because you can hide in a room and duel wield the Magnums with full clips and still have another on secondary. You will not have to go outside as much, which therefore protects you longer. You should try to repeat this on any weapon setting, unless you cannot duel wield them, then get two with full ammo.

Outskirts: Your Daddy's Skull
Note: This may require several attempts. Play the level under the legendary difficulty setting. The main thing appears to be getting the checkpoint just past the Pelican that picks up Johnson. This checkpoint spawns the sniper Jackals in "sniper alley". The skull itself is in a room on a balcony. The room contains a sniper rifle and sniper ammo; it will also contain the skull. Picking up the skull teleports you to the ground level and gives you just a Plasma Pistol. You will quickly be assaulted by Elites. Killing the last Elite will have the text for the skull flash. You have to kill all of the Elites to actually finish getting the skull. If you die to the Elites, and your checkpoint no longer spawns the skull, kill yourself four or five times to get pushed back one extra checkpoint. The skull should spawn for you again, and you can try the fight again. When you get the skull and kill all the Elites, the phrase "I Would Have Been Your Daddy" will appear.

Gravemind: Beamsword
At the point where Cortana reverses the first gravity lift, there is a dead Elite that can be seen as you are going down. Usually you must do this at least twice to get the angle of which to jump correct. Jump into the reversed gravity lift and hold or tap Jump while pressing Forward. You should break free of the gravity lift and land near a dead Elite with white armor. Take the Beamsword and hop back in the lift to proceed with the mission. This makes it easier to keep your soldiers alive through the close quarters and hallways.

Zanzibar: Easy kills
On defense, go up the slope with the needler next to it. Keep going to the right, then right, and right up the stairway until you see a rocket launcher. Get it, then go inside the spinning wheel and wait for their Ghost or Warthog.. This is a very easy way to get kills, and triple kills from the Warthogs. Be on alert for snipers. Zoom in with your rocket on the left side if you suspect one.

Vehicle explosions
In a multi-player level with vehicles (Ghosts recommended), stand in front of one of those barrel things that explode. Wait until someone in a Ghost sees you, throws it in turbo. and tries to run you over. At the last moment, jump out of the way. If done correctly, the vehicle will shoot past you, fly into the barrels, and explode; killing the driver instantly with a huge explosion.

This trick can help get you to high places. On Xbox Live or split screen mode, go to the locatoin against a wall where you want to go. Make sure you have rockets (recommended) or a sword, then look up. Get a player to stand on your head. Make sure that person is an enemy. The player on your head needs to keep on jumping while you keep pressing X + B. You should get to the top if you balanced all the way.

Hard to dodge rocket
When an enemy is in a Banshee and is aware that you are going to fire a rocket and is ready to dodge; lock onto your enemy and spin away from him and move upwards as well. Then, release the rocket. It will circle around to hit the enemy. This works if the enemy does backflips to dodge by looking downwards before releasing. If the rocket unlocks before you release it, you have taken too long to fire. If the rocket hits a wall or a ceiling or floor, do not spin as far and take the obstructions location into consideration when spinning to avoid spinning too far.

The Great Journey: Sniping location
Play until you reach the part where the Scarab is going to blow open the door. Then, fly your Banshee down to the water and get out. Walk into the water and you will be invisible to your opponents. However, you will be able to see them, making this the perfect place to go under the legendary difficulty setting to kill your enemies without them seeing you. You may also take a Ghost or a Spectre down here. If you are skilled enough, you can even take them up very close to the top of the structure.

Sword fighting
When fighting Brutes or Royal Elites with a sword attack, when the reticule turns red throw a plasma grenade immediately afterwards. The grenade will stick to the enemy's head and kill him. With good timing, this will work every time.

Scraping the "wings" off a Banshee
Line your Banshee up with a wall so that the wing you want to scrape off is opposite to the wall. Barrel roll into the wall and the wing will hit the wall. This will require a few attempts to completely scrape the wing off and will drain your shield (if available) on every hit. Another way is to simply fly at a corner pointing in the direction you are going, or a pillar. Make sure your wing is the only thing that hits the wall or pillar. Like the first method, this may take a few attempts and will drain your shield.

Hide on Scorpion
On any map that has heavy vehicles, put a Scorpion tank in it. Have a shotgun out. Go on the Scorpion tank and stand on the middle of the nose. You can stand in the middle of the gun. Fire your shotgun at about the timing which a Scorpion tank cannon would fire. Note: This works best when you are using a brown or sage colored Spartan. Opponents should see you, and if they check out the tank, blow them to bits.

Fun with Hunters
While in combat with Hunters, jump over their blasts then run up to a Hunter. Hit it in the front with your gun. When done properly you will not lose any health. When you are tired of playing with the Hunters, just jump over them and shoot them in the back.

Defeating Hunters
Get a beam rifle (the Covenant sniper rifle) and fire it in the middle of their bodies where it is pink. This is more effective then pumping shell after shell into them. Because they have the new gun, getting close to them no longer works. There is another way to defeat them, but it is more costly. First, take your plasma grenades and throw about two or three of them on their pink skinny area. Then, get a shotgun (or the strongest gun you have) and pump the pink spot full of rounds until it is dead. Since they usually appear in pairs, this can waste a lot of ammunition and grenades.

Battle Creek: Hidden weapon
Go to the Blue base. Run to the end of the base where the ramp is located. Tilt your gun to the bottom in the "northeast" direction. You should see the "Hold X to pick up weapon" message. Hold X to pick it up. This is a hidden weapon which is useful when cornered without any ammunition.

Oracle: Famine Skull
After you go down the swirling elevator and enter the room with the big glass windows, destroy all the enemies. Then, grenade jump to the opposite side of the second floor. There will be four Flood soldiers shaking on the ground with a skull between them. Get the skull and the word "Famine" will appear.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.
Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Air Traffic Control (20 Pts)Blow up the Banshee in flight while manned, with grenades or the rocket launcher.
Assassin (10 Pts)Melee an opponent from behind.
Bonecracker (10 Pts)Hit and kill an opponent with a melee attack.
Cairo Station (30 Pts)Complete Cairo Station at Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
Carjacking (5 Pts)Steal an occupied vehicle from an opponent and take it over.
Counterpoint (5 Pts)Kill the sword carrier.
Decorated Soldier (10 Pts)Get awarded at least 8 different medals in one non-team game.
Delta Halo (30 Pts)Complete Delta Halo at Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
Demon (25 Pts)Complete any campaign level without dying once on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
Double Kill (20 Pts)Kill 2 opponents within 4 seconds.
Flaming Ninja (20 Pts)Kill an opponent that has the Ninja achievement.
Go Ape Shiv (20 Pts)Kill an enraged, berserk Brute by melee, any level, any difficulty.
Gravemind (30 Pts)Complete Gravemind at Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
Hero (50 Pts)Complete the game on Heroic difficulty.
High Charity (30 Pts)Complete High Charity at Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
Killing Spree (20 Pts)Kill 5 opponents in a row in the same game, without dying.
Killtacular (20 Pts)Kill 4 opponents within 4 seconds.
King of the Scarab (20 Pts)Acquire the Scarab gun on the Metropolis level, any difficulty.
Legend (50 Pts)Complete the game on Legendary difficulty.
Metropolis (30 Pts)Complete Metropolis at Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
Ninja (20 Pts)In a non-team game, kill 5 people by melee, from behind.
Oracle (30 Pts)Complete The Oracle at Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
Outskirts (30 Pts)Complete Outskirts at Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
Quarantine Zone (30 Pts)Complete Quarantine Zone at Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
Rainman (25 Pts)Play every available game variant, with at least 3 other players, to the end of each game.
Regret (30 Pts)Complete Regret at Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
Roadkill (10 Pts)Run over, hit and kill an opponent with a vehicle.
Running Riot (20 Pts)Kill 10 opponents in a row in the same game, without dying.
Sacred Icon (30 Pts)Complete Sacred Icon at Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
Silent but Deadly (20 Pts)Kill 7 opponents from behind in a row without being spotted, any level, any difficulty.
Skewer Stopper (20 Pts)Kill the sword carrier after they kill 5 or more times in a row with the sword.
Sniper Kill (10 Pts)Kill an opponent with the sniper rifle or the beam rifle.
Stick It (5 Pts)Stick an opponent with a plasma grenade and blow them up.
The Arbiter (30 Pts)Complete The Arbiter at Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
The Great Journey (30 Pts)Complete The Great Journey at Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
Triple Kill (20 Pts)Kill 3 opponents within 4 seconds.
Uprising (30 Pts)Complete Uprising at Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
Vigilante (10 Pts)Stop a Killing Spree of another player.
Violent Cartographer (25 Pts)Play every available default map and stay in each game until it's over.
Warrior (100 Pts)Complete the game on Normal difficulty.

Unlimited energy sword ammunition
When the energy runs out, do not trade it for another weapon. When you get to the next level, try to use the sword. The ammo will be at zero but you will do full sword damage instead of melee damage and can do sword moves.

Using shotguns
This is a very good tactic when playing with only shotguns. Circle around your opponent, then jump over them then when you land. Crouch so they lose you, and they will scramble around in circles looking for you. Blast them apart with your shotgun.

Plasma rifle, battle rifle combo
Get a plasma pistol and battle rifle. Take out the plasma pistol and fully charge it. Shoot it at someone then quickly switch to the battle rifle and shoot the person the moment that the plasma bolt hits the person. It will look as though the plasma bolt killed the person.

Piggyback ride on vehicle
With almost any vehicle, you can get a piggyback if you are not skilled at driving or need a fast ride when someone on your team is already on a Ghost. This also works with the Scorpion, Banshee, and the Warthog when you have someone in the gunner seat, when you are all far enough away from the enemy.

Burial Mounds: Hidden image
There is a hidden image of a ship and a sword combined. You will need overshields, a Wraith, and two players to see it. Go to where the Ghost responds and move it. Have someone jump in the Wraith and the other put their back against the structure where the Ghost respawns. Have the person against the structure crouch up and down and walk backwards, The structure may hold their crouch so they may need to come forward slightly. However, keep going backward. When they do that, the person in the Wraith should boost at them and knock them into the structure. The person against the structure will die. After they die, have them quickly come back to the location and look up. You will see the dark form of a ship and a glittering energy sword in the sky. This may require a few attempts.

Defeating Floods
Get a Plasma Sword from a dead Covenant Elite and get close enough to the Flood for the half-circle surrounding the crosshairs to turn red before attacking. You will lunge forward and kill the enemy instantly, sometimes killing two or even three if they are in close-enough proximity to the target. This attack only uses between two to five ammo points, so it can be repeated at least twenty times. Note: Do not use this trick on either the small spider-like Flood or the large bulbous Flood, as the explosion that follows will damage your shields.

Delta Halo: Envy Skull
Play the mission under the legendary difficulty setting. Continue until reaching the area during the "push through the covenant held ruins" phase where a landing zone for the Pelican to drop weapons must be cleared. When you reach the area where Cortana says "They're pouring out of the center building", note the plasma turrets along the borders. A short distance after the turret on the left side is the outline of a sealed door in a wall. There is a rock in front of the door. Jump on the rock, then jump onto the ledge above the door. Next, jump to the ledge to the left. Then, grenade jump onto the building with the sealed door. On the roof of the building are two dancing Elites and a skull. Get the skull and the word "Envy" will be displayed. You can now use active camouflage.

After receiving Double Kill, Killing Spree, Running Riot, Beserker, or Over Kill, intimidate the opposing players by finding your team partners and having both you and your partners repeatedly crouch and release to make it look as if it is a victory dance.

Unlimited ammunition or power
This trick requires levels that have either Covenant or Marines following you. If you have a powerful weapon that has very limited power (for example, the energy sword, or Covenant sniper), or weapons that are very powerful (for example, Human sniper or rocket launcher) give them to the A.I. following you. As they use them, the weapons will never run out of power or ammunition. Also, they can use them very well.

Instant kill
To instantly kill any enemy except Hunters and Bosses, hit them in the back with any weapon.

Ride on Scorpion tank's turret
This trick requires a friend and a Scorpion tank. It is slightly difficult to perform and requires patience. Have your friend commandeer a Scorpion tank. Find a place where you can work in peace. Jump on the tank, then jump on the top of the turret. Adjust yourself so that you are on the middle to rear part of the turret. Have your friend gun the gas pedal and you should stay on the top of the turret. If done correctly you can now stand on the turret, even if it turns.

Destroying a Wraith
Besides boarding, there is one other reliable way to take down a Wraith in single or multi-player mode. Get a Ghost and hit the booster until you are right up against the Wraith. Then, circle around to the back of it and open fire. By the time he has fully turned around to get a bead on you, he will probably be dead. If he tries to get out, you can simply pick him off as he is climbing out. Note: This may not work as well in single player mode, as the Wraith has anti-infantry plasma cannons.

Zanzibar: Super jump
Get a sniper rifle, then go to the side of the main wheel (right side) near the explosive barrels. Get in the little gap between the floor and the wheel. Crouch and go all the way back against that little space. It resembles a little triangle. Once you are against the wall, run and jump in the very tip of the edge of that cliff. Try landing on the stone handlebar that is to the right side of where you take the sniper rifle... If timed correctly, you will jump very high. While in the air you can crouch and land on top of the wheel. This is very useful when you are playing team slayer, no shields, or even regular slayer. Once you are in the top you can jump in the house were the camo is located.

Go to the Colossus arena and have player two stand next to the middle conveyer belt, and player one stand on the platform that shoots you upward and remain still. This will work with energy swords or any other heavy weapon. Have player two hit a barrel on to the conveyer belt and watch it fly up. Have player one lines himself up with the barrel and hit it with a melee attack.

Destroying Ghosts
One of the best ways to take down a Ghost is with a sniper rifle. Wait until the Ghost is facing away from you and open fire at the pilot. If the pilot does not die, the Ghost may explode, because it is very vulnerable in the back.

Coagulation: Hiding location
Go to the Red base and search around outside until you reach a green teleporter with trees around it. You should find a cave of some sort. Enter and walk through one of the two smaller tunnels. You should see a small patch of water with either an overshield or camouflage power-up in the middle of it. This is a very good place to hide when your shields are down You can also take vehicles in here for safekeeping.

Troop transport
This trick works best in Coagulation. Get the Banshee. Before the pilot gets in, get four people on top; two on the canopy (top) and two on the wings (preferably the closest part to the cockpit). Then, let the pilot get in. Make sure he does not boost or you will all fall down. Also make sure he does not do sharp turns. An additional benefit is that the Banshee has extra fire power. Note: This will work better in capture the flag. It is also more effective to have at least five people on the team.

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