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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Tony Hawk's Project 8

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Game Name : Tony Hawk's Project 8
System : Xbox 360
Date Added : 2007-04-02 08:49:03
Views : 6129

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
100 games online (20 points)Finish 100 games online.
50 games online (15 points)Finish 50 games online.
All pro challenges completed (20 points)Complete all the pro's challenges.
Beat a developer (50 points)Win a skate session against a member of the Project 8 development team, or someone who already has.
Burnquist Pro Challenge (10 points)Find Bob and beat his challenge.
Capitol Classic beaten at sick (15 points)Capitol Classic beaten at sick.
Factory Classic beaten at sick (15 points)Get sick on the Factory classic goal.
Factory unlocked (10 points)Unlock the Factory.
First Sick Goal (5 points)Complete a goal at Sick difficulty.
Full stats (50 points)Get every stat maxed.
Fun Park Classic beaten at sick (15 points)Get sick on the Fun Park classic goal.
Funpark unlocked (10 points)Unlock the Funpark.
Hang Time (20 points)Get 14,000 seconds of air time.
Hit 50% of the gaps (20 points)50 percent of the gaps found.
Hit all of the gaps (35 points)Skate the world and find every gap.
Main St Classic beaten at sick (15 points)Get sick on the Main St classic goal.
Manual Master (20 points)Manual for 140,000 feet..
Margera Pro Challenge (10 points)Find Bam and beat his challenge.
Mullen Pro Challenge (10 points)Find Rodney and beat his challenge.
Nice combo! (20 points)Land a combo over 500,000 points.
Nyjah & Lyn-Z Pro Challenge (10 points)Find Nyjah and Lyn-Z and beat the challenge.
Outta the houses (10 points)Escape the suburban life.
P-Rod Pro Challenge (10 points)Find P-Rod and beat his challenge.
Played Xbox Live (10 points)Play an online game.
Ranked Number 1! (100 points)You are the number one skater on Project 8.
School Classic beaten at sick (15 points)Get sick on the School classic goal.
School unlocked (10 points)Unlocked the School.
Scored over 1,000,000 points! (10 points)Score over 1 million points.
Secret area found (5 points)Find your first secret area. Don't tell anyone.
Sheckler Pro Challenge (10 points)Find Ryan and beat his challenge.
Sick Chalk Challenges (30 points)Complete all the goals at Sick difficulty.
Sick Classic Goals (30 points)Complete all the classic goals at Sick difficulty.
Skate Classic beaten at sick (15 points)Get sick on the Skate Park classic goal.
Skate Park unlocked (10 points)Unlock the Skate Park.
Slums Classic beaten at sick (15 points)Get sick on the Slums classic goal.
Slums unlocked (10 points)Unlocked the Slums.
Song Pro Challenge (10 points)Find Daewon and beat his challenge.
Suburbia Classic beaten at sick. (15 points)Get sick on the Suburbia classic goal.
The Daily Grind (20 points)Grind for 140,000 total feet.
Training Complete (10 points)Complete the training.
Vallely Pro Challenge (10 points)Find Mike V and beat his challenge.
Williams & Dollin Pro Challenge (10 points)Find Stevie and Dustin and beat the challenge.
You made it into Project 8 (50 points)Crack the top 8.
You made it to spot 4! (75 points)Crack the top 4

Unlockable Cool Videos
By beating Various Parts of the game you'll unlock cool videos:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
All Pros Behind The Scenes VideosBeat each Pro Challenge one at a time.
All Pros Day In The Life VideosObtained from Jason Lee once each time.
Bam Margera Pro FootageBeat the Bam Margera Pro Challenge.
Bob Burnquist Pro FootageBeat the Bob Burnquist Pro Challenge.
Daewon Song Pro FootageBeat the Daewon Song Pro Challenge.
Dustin Dollin Pro FootageBeat the Dustion Dollin and Stevie Willams Pro Challenge.
Lyn-Z Adams Hawkings Pro FootageBeat the Lyn-Z and Nyjah Pro Challenge.
Mike V Pro FootageBeat the Mike V Pro Challenge.
Nyjah Huston Pro FootageBeat the Lyn-Z and Nyjah Pro Challenge.
Paul Rodriguez Pro FootageBeat the Paul Rodriguez Pro Challenge.
Pro Bails 1Beat the Tony Hawk Pro Challenge.
Rodney Mullen Pro FootageBeat the Rodney Mullen Pro Challenge.
Ryan Scheckler Pro FootageBeat the Ryan Scheckler Pro Challenge.
Stevie Willams Pro FootageBeat the Dustion Dollin and Stevie Willams Pro Challenge.

Downtown: Easy Stokens
Stall on a car that is moving and ride it all through town. Jump off when you are about to fall. You will get a lot of Stokens. Do not stall on the front of the car because it will stop.

Shaba collector's deck
Complete the ten Classic Mode objectives in the Downhill bonus level to get a "Sick" rank. The message "Sponsor Gear Unlocked" will appear. You can now get the Shaba collector's deck for free from the deck list in the skateshop.

Bonus characters
Complete the indicated task by completing the goals in Career mode to unlock the corresponding character.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Bam MargeraComplete Pro Challenge
Beaver mascotUnlock High School
Bob BurnquistComplete Pro Challenge
BumUnlock the Car Factory level
Daewon SongComplete Pro Challenge
Dustin DollinComplete Pro Challenge
FilmerUnlock the High School level
Jason LeeComplete the final Tony Hawk goal
Lyn-z Adams HawkinsComplete Pro Challenge
Mike VallelyComplete Pro Challenge
Nyjah HustonComplete Pro Challenge
Paul RodriguezComplete Pro Challenge
PhotographerUnlock the Shops level
Real Estate AgentUnlock the Downtown level
Rodney MullenComplete Pro Challenge
Ryan ShecklerComplete Pro Challenge
Security GuardUnlock the School level
Stevie WillamsComplete Pro Challenge
Travis BarkerComplete Pro Challenge
ZombieComplete Pro Challenge

Cheat Mode
Enter at the cheats screen in options:

needarideall decks unlocked
yougotitallall specials unlocked
jammypackalways special
allthebestfull stats
frontandbackperfect manual
balancegaloreperfect rail
newshoundPlay as anchorman
shescaresmePlay as big realtor
enterandwinPlay as bum
hohohosoiPlay as christian hosoi
militarymenPlay as colonel and security guard
strangefellowsPlay as dad + skater jam kid
birdhousePlay as inkblot deck
notmonoPlay as jason lee
mixitupPlay as kevin staab
manineedadatePlay as mascot
wearelosersPlay as nerd
themediaPlay as photography girl and filmer
sellsellsellPlay as skinny real estate agent
plus44Play as travis barker
badverybadPlay as twin
suckstobedeadPlay as zombie
shellshockunlimited focus
hatedandproudVans no skool gothic shoes- Rad or what!!

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