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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Bionicle Heroes

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Game Name : Bionicle Heroes
System : Xbox 360
Date Added : 2007-01-19 03:34:28
Views : 25166

Defeating Vezon
After you defeat all Piraka, you will have to fight Vezon for the last time. First hit him the back, then in the legs, then the heads, then Vezon. After that you can play as Vezon in all levels.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
100 victories with Hahli (20 Score points)100 victories with Hahli.
100 victories with Hewkii (20 Score points)100 victories with Hewkii.
100 victories with Jaller (20 Score points)100 victories with Jaller.
100 victories with Kongu (20 Score points)100 victories with Kongu.
100% game completion (40 Score points)100% game completion.
150 victories with Matoro (20 Score points)150 victories with Matoro.
150 victories with Nuparu (20 Score points)150 victories with Nuparu.
250 victories with Hahli (20 Score points)250 victories with Hahli.
250 victories with Hewkii (20 Score points)250 victories with Hewkii.
250 victories with Jaller (20 Score points)250 victories with Jaller.
250 victories with Kongu (20 Score points)250 victories with Kongu.
50 victories with Matoro (20 Score points)50 victories with Matoro.
50 victories with Nuparu (20 Score points)50 victories with Nuparu.
Ancient Citadel complete (20 Score points)Ancient Citadel complete.
Ancient Forest complete (20 Score points)Ancient Forest complete.
Avak's Dynamo completed (20 Score points)Avak's Dynamo completed.
Bleak Refinery complete (20 Score points)Bleak Refinery complete.
Blizzard Peaks completed (20 Score points)Blizzard Peaks completed.
Cleansing Plant completed (20 Score points)Cleansing Plant completed.
Collect 2,500,000 LEGO Pieces (20 Score points)Collect 2,500,000 LEGO Pieces.
Collect 5,000,000 LEGO pieces (20 Score points)Collect 5,000,000 LEGO pieces.
Decrepit Dungeons completed (20 Score points)Decrepit Dungeons completed.
Defeat 100 Bohrok (20 Score points)Defeat 100 Bohrok.
Defeat 100 Visorak (20 Score points)Defeat 100 Visorak.
Defeat 1000 Bohrok (20 Score points)Defeat 1000 Bohrok.
Defeat 1000 Visorak (20 Score points)Defeat 1000 Visorak.
Defeat 250 Vahki (20 Score points)Defeat 250 Vahki.
Defeat 50 Vahki (20 Score points)Defeat 50 Vahki.
Defeat 500 Bohrok (20 Score points)Defeat 500 Bohrok.
Defeat 500 Vahki (20 Score points)Defeat 500 Vahki.
Defeat 500 Visorak (20 Score points)Defeat 500 Visorak.
Desert Outpost complete (20 Score points)Desert Outpost complete.
Fiery Mine completed (20 Score points)Fiery Mine completed.
Flooded Lowlands completed (20 Score points)Flooded Lowlands completed.
Forgotten Shrine complete (20 Score points)Forgotten Shrine complete.
Hakann's Pit completed (20 Score points)Hakann's Pit completed.
Logging Post complete (20 Score points)Logging Post complete.
Menacing Keep completed (20 Score points)Menacing Keep completed.
Mountain Path completed (20 Score points)Mountain Path completed.
Piraka Bluff completed (20 Score points)Piraka Bluff completed.
Reidak's Bastion complete (20 Score points)Reidak's Bastion complete.
Scorched Earth completed (20 Score points):Scorched Earth completed.
Shattered Wreck completed (20 Score points)Shattered Wreck completed.
Smugglers Cove completed (20 Score points)Smugglers Cove completed.
Thok's Grotto completed (20 Score points)Thok's Grotto completed.
Vezok's Deluge completed (20 Score points)Vezok's Deluge completed.
Vezon's Awakening complete (20 Score points)Vezon's Awakening complete.
Volcanic Trail completed (20 Score points)Volcanic Trail completed.
Zaktan's Chamber complete (20 Score points)Zaktan's Chamber complete.

When you're fighting bosses, here's how you can recover your fallen toa. Nearby you will find a toa mask. If it is green and you're dying, switch to the green toa. When you lose it, you can get the mask near you. In that way, you can't lose! I know this is confusing, but you'll find out.

Look Everywhere!
Don't just go ahead after you have done the tasks or destroyed all the enemies. Explore around you first. There might be secret silver or golden canisters around you. Also, you can destroy objects around you to get more lego bricks.

Best Toa to Use
Kongu: for fighting bosses
Matoro: for shooting far away enemies
Jaller: for running
Hahli: if almost dying; for emergency
Hewkii: for fighting packs of enemies
Nuparu: for fighting packs of enemies

The best toa to use is Kongu because it damages perfectly and reloads well. For Matoro and Hewkii, they reload slowly. For Jaller and Hahli, they are weak. The other best toa is Nuparu because he damages well and reloads faster than slow-reloaders (Matoro and Hewkii).

Trick of Damaging Bosses
When you're fighting bosses, you can't damage them because they have shields. The only way to stop them is to destroy enemies until you are in Hero Mode and do the Gold Contraction, if there is.

Defeating Guhhrahk
The best Toa for defeating Gurrahk (level 1) are Matoro for beating Guhhrahk Hajli and Jaller for killing summoned enemies.

Tip for Hahli
When you use Hahli, you can do better damage on water, if there is nearby.

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