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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Super Smash Bros.

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Game Name : Super Smash Bros.
System : Nintendo 64
Date Added : 2007-03-28 20:56:24
Views : 28838

Easy win
To win almost any battle easily, just make any character go into the air, then jump up and press Up + L to do a powerful kick. This should make your opponent fly up. Repeat until your opponent flies into the horizon.

Borrow a life
Begin a team game under versus mode. Press Start if you lose a life to take a life from your partner, if he or she has more than one remaining. Alternatively, press A + B + Z + Start.

Out of all the hidden character battles, this is the hardest. Don't think of the last time you battled him. He will use strong attacks on you. He uses super jumppunch to get back on. He uses it on you and it stings and paralyzes. Use Ness's pkfire about 15 times on him and then hit yourself with pk thunder on him. Keep doing this until he dies. With Falcon use a lot of Falcon punches on him. He's hard to knock off. With the others take his energy down to 300 and then toss him off.

Jigglypuff: Combos
When playing as Jigglypuff, press Up + B to put your opponent to sleep. Then, get very close to your opponent, and press Down + B to put yourself to sleep. Your opponent will go flying, and Jigglypuff will remain asleep.

Beat pikachu in 10 sec
Choose any character and very easy mode. When you get to Pikachu go on the right side of him. He will attack but don't hit him. He will probably use an attack that makes him fall. When he uses quick attack to get vback up he will go to the other side and fall off. You will get bonus points for not attacking.

Teleporting Electrode
Play as Captain Falcon in the Saffron City stage. When the Electrode pops up, hit it with a Falcon Punch before it explodes. It will appear on the platform above itself.

Bonus Practice #2, Board The Platforms
Use the following strategy when playing as Jigglypuff/Purin on the last platform. Since Jigglypuff does not have an extra jump (Up + B), run and jump from the edge then press B. Repeat this until reaching the platform. Pace your jumps so he can go farther. Practice this on the "walk on water platform".

Extra points for each level
The following trick may be used to get an extra 100 points in each level. Defeat your opponent in one player mode. Press L to taunt just before he dies. If your character is in a taunt when the camera zooms in for the scores, 100 points will be awarded for the fighter's stance.

Luigi: Super attack
Although Luigi's super jump attack only does 1% damage normally, the following trick will increase that amount. Get very close to an opponent and perform the move. If done correctly, a loud noise and fire will appear, doing about 20% damage. If your opponent is at about 65% damage it may even kill them.

Extra Points
The way to get extra points is to first get to the boss..then (if you can) beat him within 1:00 minit and you should get 40,000 points.

Strategy for 1p mode
This isnt really a cheat but it is something to use if you're stuck on 1p mode. Link: This is easy all yo have to do is use your toss down and toss him off the edge. Get his energy down to 50 before you do it. Yoshi team-All you have to do is toss down attack on them eaasy.

Background kill
Play as any character. Jump above your opponent and press Down + A to put them in the air. Then, press Up + A when your opponent comes down. Keep pressing Up + A until he or she goes into the background/foreground.

Hold Z or R (block) until your character explodes. F-Zero X track: If you get a total score of more than 1 200 000 you get the special F-Zero X race track. Were you can fight and dodge the cars at the same time.

More Unlockables
More Unlockables for Super Smash Brothers:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Classic Mushroom stage (VS mode)Beat the game with all the original characters.
Item menu (VS mode)Play VS mode 50 times.
Make Capt. Falcoln FartTo make Capt. Falcon fart, go to training mode and choose him and choose Link's stage. Make sure that you have your opponet next to you. While jumping, press Down + A as you land.
Mew in PokeballsUnlock all four bonus characters.
Play as Captain FalconBeat the game in 20 minutes. Then beat Captain Falcon.
Play as Jigglypuff (Purin)Beat the game with any character on any difficulty and number of lives. Then beat Jigglypuff.
Play as LuigiComplete Break The Target with the eight original characters and one bonus character. Then beat Luigi.
Play as Ness from EarthboundBeat the game on normal difficulty and with three lives. Then beat Ness.

Big ray gun
Go to the item switch screen and set it it so that only ray guns will appear. Select two characters. Have one character get a ray gun. When you see a box, have the character with the gun stand close and shoot it. While the character with the gun shoots the box, have the other character attack the character with the gun. Have the player controlling the character with the gun pause the game. If done correctly, the ray gun should be big.

Samus without Her Armor
First unlock Ness, then select versus mode and choose Samus as your opponent. This trick is easier if Samus is set as a human controlled player, so she stands still. Next, go to any place(preferably the ship) and fire the PK thunder at yourself so Ness slides into Samus. Then right as Ness hits her, pause the game. If done correctly Samus will no longer be wearing her suit.

Sound test
Complete Bonus Games 1 and 2 with all characters, including the secret ones.

Ratings for battles
The lower the number the easier they are:

Luigi in Mario's stage:3 and a half
Big DK:3
Metal Mario:4
Polygons:3 and a half
Master hand:4 and a half
Hidden characters

Keeping your opponent off the platforms
Use the following moves when playing as the indicated character to knock your opponent off the platforms.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Captain FalconPress B to use the Falcon Punch when your opponent tries to return.
Donkey KongAfter knocking an opponent off, press B to charge up the punch. Use the punch when they are close enough while in the air.
FoxPress B to keep firing the blaster.
KirbyPress Up + B near the edge when your opponent approaches.
LinkPress B to throw the boomerang after knocking them off the platform and they try to get close again.
Mario and LuigiPress B to throw a fireball when they try to come back.
NessPress B for the PK Fire if they come near your character in the air. Your opponent will be pulled down and paralyzed once it hits.
PikachuJump and press B to shoot a little ball of electricity. If it hits a returning opponent, they will be paralyzed.
SamusPress B to charge up the gun, then shoot it when a knocked off opponent returns.
YoshiIf you are near the end of the platform, wait for your opponent to approach. Then, press B to turn them into an egg. If you are close enough to the edge, the egg will make them fall and they will not be able to get back up.

Jigglypuff: Instant kill
Go to training mode and select Jigglypuff as your character, and a small character as your CPU opponent. Both characters must be enough close to make the Sleep attack (Down + B) work. Set four Bob-Oms and do the attack. Instead both characters flying away, Jigglypuff will remain there with 0% damage. This may also work in versus mode

Donkey Kong: Easy win
The following trick works best in vs mode, with two or more stocks. Select Donkey Kong as a character and any level except for Samus' stage. Defeat your opponent once, then get close to the edge when he or she comes after your character. Grab him and press A to place him on your back. Then, jump off the level before he can get loose. Repeat this until you win as you can remain one life ahead of your opponent.

Extra boost
When you use the powerful Up + B attack most characters will do an attack that will give them another extra boost. This is most effective after a jump and a double jump. Here is what happens.

Ness: Press Up + B to make him do PK Thunder. However, if you make it turn and hit him, he will get a very powerful boost in any direction. You will not get hurt.

Fox: Press Up + B and he will do a charge for Fire Fox. He can do it in any direction by pressing the Analog-stick when he charges.

Samus: Press Up + B to do a mid-air roll that does damage similar to Mario's Super Jump.

Pikachu: Press Up+B to do Agility. If you press Left or Right immediately after that, you will move twice.

Jigglypuff: Pressing Up + B does not do anything. However, if you jump, punch, float, punch, and continue in that pattern you can go very far distances (but not much in height).

Kirby: Press Up + B to make Kirby do his Final Cutter, making it go slightly higher for a split second. Do this only if you know that a quick, short boost will get you to where you want to go.

Mario: Press Up + B to have Mario do his Super Jump, giving him about as much boost as a regular jump would.

Luigi: Same as Mario.

Yoshi: None.

Captain Falcon: Press Up + B to have him do a spin in mid-air that can easily be controlled.

Donkey Kong: Press Up + B to have him do a helicopter attack that will boost him. This will not boost him if he is on the ground.

Link: Press Up + B and he will do a sword spin attack that boosts him. This will not boost him if he is touching the ground.

Throwing items
Often when throwing an item (R +D-pad) at an enemy that has at least 60 to 80 damage, it will cause them to go flying and do more damage than normal. Dashing and then throwing the item will be more effective. This is a good way to effectively hurt a person with a fan.

Flames of hell
Get the Bomb-Omb glitch. The shield must be under a spot where a barrel appears often. Set your character under this spot. If done correctly, when a barrel appears it will emit eternal fire, and the character will be stuck. The player will instantly achieve 999% and is completely helpless. When any item thrown at this fireball (especially Bomb-Ombs), the eternal fire and your opponent will disappear, giving you a KO.

Fox: Surprise attack
Note: This trick works best when when playing with three or four players. Go to Congo Jungle. When no one is watching, fall off the edge. Use your double jump to get under the stage, then press Up + B and move the Analog-stick in the direction of any opponent on the bottom floor of the stage. If done correctly, Fox will fly up through the stage and hit your opponent without them knowing.

Borrow a life
Begin a team game under versus mode. Press Start if you lose a life to take a life from your partner, if he or she has more than one remaining. Alternatively, press A+ B + Z + Start.

Unlockable Characters
Unlockable Characters in Super Smash Bros.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Captain FalconBeat the 1-Player game with any character on any diffculty in under 20 minutes. You will then fight Captain Falcon; if you win, you can play as Captain Falcon.
Unlock JigglypuffBeat the 1-Player game with any character on any difficulty. You will then fight Jigglypuff; if you win, you can now play as Jigglypuff.
Unlock LuigiBeat Bonus Practice 1 with all 8 of the original characters. This can be done either in practice or in the actual 1-player game.
Unlock NessBeat the 1-Player game with any character on Normal difficulty with 3 lives, without continuing. You will then fight Ness; if you win, you will be able to play as Ness.

Old Super Mario
This opens up a bonus level just above the 'random' stage select in multi-player mode (complete with the old SMB soundtrack too!). Have player one be Mario, and player two be DK. Fight eachother in DK's jungle stage. Have DK win. This should open up the new stage. Also reported as you have to beat the game with every character including the secret ones

Control credits screen
Press one of the following buttons during the credits. Press Analog-stick to change the angle and move the target. Press Start + A to scroll faster, or to return to normal speed. Select a name with the target and press A to view details about their work in the game. Press B to pause or resume the scrolling.

Kirby: Easy win
When in the Pokemon stage with Kirby, stand on the tower closest to the right near the left edge. Keep jumping up in the air so you are up often. When someone gets near, use Kirby's Final Cutter. If done correctly, this should slash your enemy into the bottom of the screen, knocking them out no matter how much damage they had.

Control credits screen
Press one of the following buttons during the credits. Press Analog-stick to change the angle and move the target. Press Start + A to scroll faster, or to return to normal speed. Select a name with the target and press A to view details about their work in the game. Press B to pause or resume the scrolling.

Suicide kill
Donkey Kong has the ability to pick up barrels and walk around with them for a short time, well, he can do the same with players, get near the edge as DK, and press grab once, if you press it too many times you will pick up the character and throw him immediately, you don't want this, wait a second and move to the left and right until DK places the character on his back, once DK has the enemy on his back run and jump off the edge immediately, if done correctly, you, and your enemy will not be able to get back up before DK is forced to throw the enemy, you will have successfully sealed both of your fates. If you really know what your doing, you might be able to jump at the last moment just enough to make your enemy go down first, you thus win the match if he was on his last life. Kirby can do something similar, his main grab shoots up and then down, if you can get this move to land over the edge, your enemy will be under you, if he was on his last life, he should die first. Yoshi's suicide is very hard, it almost requires chance, you have to get hit hard enough to knock Yoshi off the edge without making him lose whoever is in his mouth, you both fall.

Bonus Practice #1, Break The Targets
When playing as Yoshi, to get the target on the far right, use the Mega Headbutt (Left or Right + A) next to the side of the target hill.

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