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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Final Fantasy : Tactics Advance

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Game Name : Final Fantasy : Tactics Advance
System : GameBoy Advance
Date Added : 2006-12-23 22:21:39
Views : 20602

Double Swords
If a human learns Double Swords then equips two of the same weapon to learn a skill, they will learn it twice as fast. They will gain AP for each weapon.

Equipping abilities
At one job you learn certain abilities for that job, such as Marche as a soldier learning First Aid, Provoke, Speedbreak, etc. Then at another job, such as Marche as a Fighter learning the Fighter abilities, you can still use his Soldier abilities. This is the same for all the other characters such as Montblanc. Montblanc starts out as a Black Mage, and you can change his job. For example, if you change his job to Time Mage, you can still use his Black Mage abilities while also learning and using Time Mage abilities.

Infinate Money/Ribbons
After you complete the game and get Shara, take her ribbon, then get rid of her, and when you get her back she will have the ribbon equiped again. Sell for 20000, then reapeat. this way you can get as many ribbons, money, and seventh-heavens you want.

Bonus intermission sequences
There are a few intermission sequences that appear after the game is completed, when you do extra missions. For example, one shows Ritz talking to you, Shara, and Babus; and after you do the missions it lets them join your team (although Ritz, Shara, and Babus are a lot weaker than when you had to fight them.

Have Cid join your party
Complete all 300 numbered missions and Cid will join your party.

Sniper Level-Up
If your Sniper has mastered conceal and it is very hard to gain EXP, try this. While every one else on your clan is battling use conceal and get around 10 EXP each time! It really adds up.

Easy Level Up-White Maget
To easily level up a white mage move your white mage next to two or more party members and use cure and u will gain anywhere from 12 to 24 EXP.This will really help your white mages.

Completing dispatch missions
When selecting a character to send out on a dispatch mission, watch the characters actions carefully. If they sit down or just walk, do not pick them. However, if they jump up and down, select them. You will successfully complete the mission. Note: Watch out for Moogles, as they tend not to be able to complete the missions.

Easy Exodus fight
For an easy Exodus fight, equip Marche with a Blaze robe or a flame shield. Both of these will Nullify Babus' "Explode" and attacks from his fire-enhanced Lotus Mace. Therefore this leaves him only able to hurt you by using "Demi" which halves your Hp, so it can't kill you!

Expert missions
Upon completion of the game, wait for the credits to finish rolling. A screen will follow, stating that it is saving a game completion file over the most recently saved game. When you load the game, your file will have a star, marking that you have completed that file. When you accept missions at the pub now, the bartenders will offer the expert missions that they had been holding back.

Get Babus
To get Babus Swain you first have to complete the game, then complete a Mission ( I cant Remember the name but you must help Babus find something mewt left behind ) after that go to a town (any will do)and watch a movie . go back into the pub and Babus would have put a mission up ( you have to go to amberville and help him find mewt's lost item you MUST be prepared for combat as the ( EX ) queen wants to fight !) complete the mission and Babus will offer his help . He has got some skills ( demi , explode ....)but can not learn anything else.

Make other clan members talk
When you place your characters at the beginning of a fight where Marche would talk (any mission, but no encounters with other clan/groups), do not place Marche at all; or both Marche and Montblanc (if you do not want Montblanc or Marche to talk, because Montblanc will talk no matter what if placed at all, just like Marche). At the beginning of the fight, the character you placed first will talk and say something different than Marche would say; even Bangaas talk with the doubles.

Faster wins in engagments
First what you want to do is kill off your opponents white mage, if they have one, the their distance attackers, such as archers, snipers, hunters and gunners. It should be a sinch after that.

Changing the missions
Once you see missions that you do not want to do, move around for a month (until it goes to Sagemoon, Madmoon, etc.). When its the next month, the missions will change when you go to the bar.

In game reset
Press (A) + (B) + (Start) + (Select) during game play.

Secret Characters
With the exception of Ezel, you must complete the game once in order to unlock the hidden missions.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
BabusClear the Left Behind mission, then enter a town and clear the With Babus mission.
CidClear all 300 numbered missions.
EzelChoose Gossip in the Card Shop, then clear the Reconciliation mission.
RitzClear the Mortal Snow mission.
SharaClear the A Maiden's Cry mission, then enter a town.

Fast Leveling Up!
There are a couple of ways to do this. The easiest is defeat all but one enemy. Disable it then have your weaker members attack your stronger members. Experience will rack up. Make sure you have heal to get the most out of the session.

Another way is when fighting a team much stronger than you, kill all but the strongest target. Surround the enemy and keep attacking it. Don't forget to heal everyone including the enemy to get the most bang for your buck.

In the late stages of the game after you reach level 29+ its tougher since not many enemies are stronger than you.

Excalibur 2
First you need the mission items "Rusty Sword" and "Mysidia Alloy". Beat the game and clear "Carrot", and "Den of Evil". The mission "The Hero Blade" will appear at the pub, clear it and you'll get the Excalibur 2. It has an attack of 87, a boost of magic power by 3, an evade of 5, and a speed bonus of 4. However, it does not absorb Holy spells like the original Excalibur.

Ending credits
Win all 300 standard missions and the bonus Judgemaster Cid missions.

Double AP
Get one of your clan as a ninja ASAP, then get the double weapon ability. You can now learn two abilities at once, or if you get two of the same weapons you can learn it twice as fast!

Predicting Dispatch missions
When you are selecting a unit to send on a Dispatch mission, the way they move will tell you a bit about how well they might do on it. A unit that starts jumping up and down will have an easy time with it; a unit that goes into a walk animation may or may not succeed; and a unit that goes into a crouch (low HP stance) will probably fail.

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