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You are viewing Cheat Codes for SiN Episodes : Emergence

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Game Name : SiN Episodes : Emergence
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2006-08-04 00:56:45
Views : 13477

If an enemy throws grenades at you, you can throw them back by pressing [E]. However, grenades have a small blast radius. You may not be in as much danger as you think.

Vending machines
At any vending machine, press any button rapidly. A health canister will drop out. This can be done twice. However after this, a live grenade will come out and endanger you, unless you throw it back or run away.

Defeating the first Boss
Use the following trick to defeat the large monster in the wooden area. Drop to the right immediately after you go into the pit. Let him charge at you until he is in the corner. Stun him with the pistol, then run back to where you started. There should be a flammable barrel nearby. Shoot it and try to catch him on fire. This deals great damage, and you should only need several more pistol shots and a couple shotgun blasts to finish him off.

Cross eyed fish
In the levels after Riddick leaves in his submarine and the base is on self destruct, you will eventually reach a point where you crossed through water before. Go back into the water and find the point where you first dropped in. There is no ladder to climb back out. There is a secret box here. Swim to the upper right corner in the water and you will see a cross eyed fish.

Cheat mode
Hit the ~ Button and enter sv_cheats 1 first.

Code - Result:

God - Gives you god mode
health 999 - Sets your health to 999
notarget - No enemy can see you
noclip - Walk through walls and objects
impulse 101 - All Weapons And Ammo
undie - Refresh player's health to 100 when dead
setang - Sets the player's view direction
setpos - Sets the player's position in the map
cl_showfps 1 - Displays FPS
cl_showfps 0 - Hides FPS
cl_showpos 1 - Displays the player's current position and angle on screen
crosshair 1 - Enables crosshair
crosshair 0 - Disables crosshair
give - Gives you an item (one time only, for item names use report_entities code)
report_entities - Get a list of the current map's entities
perfui 1 - Level Performance Tools
shake - Shakes your character
sv_infinite_aux_power 1 - Enables infinite auxilary power
sv_gravity # - Sets gravity to # (default value is 600)
showtriggers 0 - Shows trigger brushes when set to 0
ai_disable - Toggles enemy artificial intelligence
autolife - Toggles autolife mode (Automatically refresh health when player dies)
buddha - Toggles buddha mode (Player takes damage but won't die)
mat_wireframe 1 - Enables wireframe mode (See through walls)
r_modelwireframedecal 1 - Displays damage done to enemy in wireframe mode
sv_noclipduringpause 1 - Allows noclip cheat to work while game is paused

Defeating soldiers
Soldiers are a very tough enemy to fight at first. An easy way to defeat them is to get very close with the shotgun, usually touching them. However, if done on a long strip of land with no cover, you will not survive long. Try to hit them in the head with the pistol, or spray just above their head with the rifle while zoomed. When you get in the car after navigating the maze after the monster, you must engage two supers and a few regular soldiers before you get out. Instead of getting out and losing a lot of health, close the window and start throwing grenades without standing up. This is an easy way to kill all the soldiers, or set them on fire.

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