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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Pokemon : Ruby

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Game Name : Pokemon : Ruby
System : GameBoy Advance
Date Added : 2006-02-11 00:22:18
Views : 7458

Item Bringer
This cheat will get you some pretty good items early on in the game. All you have to do is catch a Zigzagoon. As you travel around with it, it will have an item attached to it. Keep checking and it will have a new item every so often.

Uncatchable pokemon list
203 - Bulbasaur
204 - Ivysaur
205 - Venusaur
206 - Charmander
207 - Charmeleon
208 - Charizard
209 - Squirtle
210 - Wartortle
211 - Blastoise
212 - Caterpie
213 - Metapod
214 - Butterfree
215 - Weedle
216 - Kakuna
217 - Beedrill
218 - Pidgey
219 - Pidgeotto
220 - Pidgeot
221 - Rattata
222 - Raticate
223 - Spearow
224 - Fearow
225 - Ekans
226 - Arbok
227 - Nidoran (female)
228 - Nidorina
229 - Nidoqueen
230 - Nidoran (Male)
231 - Nidorino
232 - Nidoking
233 - Clefairy
234 - Clefable
235 - Paras
236 - Parasect
237 - Venonat
238 - Venomoth
239 - Diglett
240 - Dugtrio
241 - Meowth
242 - Persian
243 - Mankey
244 - Primeape
245 - Growlithe
246 - Arcanine
247 - Poliwag
248 - Poliwhirl
249 - Poliwrath
250 - Bellsprout
251 - Weepinbell
252 - Victreebel
253 - Ponyta
254 - Rapidash
255 - Slowpoke
256 - Slowbro
257 - Farfetch'd
258 - Seel
259 - Dewgong
260 - Shellder
261 - Cloyster
262 - Gastly
263 - Haunter
264 - Gengar
265 - Onix
266 - Drowzee
267 - Hypno
268 - Krabby
269 - Kingler
270 - Exeggcute
271 - Exeggutor
272 - Cubone
273 - Marowak
274 - Hitmonlee
275 - Hitmonchan
276 - Lickitung
277 - Chansey
278 - Tangela
279 - Kangaskhan
280 - Mr Mime
281 - Scyther
282 - Jynx
283 - Electabuzz
284 - Magmar
285 - Tauros
286 - Lapras
287 - Ditto
288 - Eevee
289 - Vaporeon
290 - Jolteon
291 - Flareon
292 - Porygon
293 - Omanyte
294 - Omastar
295 - Kabuto
296 - Kabutops
297 - Aerodactyl
298 - Snorlax
299 - Articuno
300 - Zapdos
301 - Moltres
302 - Dratini
303 - Dragonair
304 - Dragonite
305 - Mewtwo
306 - Mew
307 - Chikorita
308 - Bayleef
309 - Meganium
310 - Cyndaquil
311 - Quilava
312 - Typhlosion
313 - Totodile
314 - Croconaw
315 - Feraligatr
316 - Sentret
317 - Furret
318 - Hoothoot
319 - Noctowl
320 - Ledyba
321 - Ledian
322 - Spinarak
323 - Ariados
324 - Cleffa
325 - Togepi
326 - Togetic
327 - Mareep
328 - Flaaffy
329 - Ampharos
330 - Sudowoodo
331 - Politoed
332 - Hoppip
333 - Skiploom
334 - Jumpluff
335 - Aipom
336 - Sunkern
337 - Sunflora
338 - Yanma
339 - Wooper
340 - Quagsire
341 - Espeon
342 - Umbreon
343 - Murkrow
344 - Slowking
345 - Misdreavus
346 - Unown
347 - Pineco
348 - Forretress
349 - Dunsparce
350 - Gligar
351 - Steelix
352 - Snubbull
353 - Granbull
354 - Qwilfish
355 - Scizor
356 - Shuckle
357 - Sneasel
358 - Teddiursa
359 - Ursaring
360 - Swinub
361 - Piloswine
362 - Remoraid
363 - Octillery
364 - Delibird
365 - Mantine
366 - Houndour
367 - Houndoom
368 - Porygon 2
369 - Stantler
370 - Smeargle
371 - Tyrogue
372 - Hitmontop
373 - Smoochum
374 - Elekid
375 - Magby
376 - Miltank
377 - Blissey
378 - Raikou
379 - Entei
380 - Suicune

Hidden HM locations
HM Location
cut Rusboro City
Fly Route 119
Surf Petalburg City
Strength Rusturf Tunnel
Flash Granite Cave
Rock Smash Mouville city
Waterfall Cave of origin

Rarest pokemon
The rarest pokemon is groundon.

Easy Lottery Win
Save your game in front of the Lilycove Department Store. Go inside and enter the lottery. If you don't win, turn off and on again and try again. The numbers will change!

Mystery event
Go to petalburg city pokemon center. Next to the PC is a guy. Talk to him. He'll ask for your profile. Say Mystery Event Is Exciting. He'll tell you you're a member of the mystery event club!

for you that want to know what lv pokemon evolve
here they are.oddish lv 18,tailow lv 30,wingul lv20,munkip,treeko,torchic lv16.combusken and the other 2 lv32.seedot 18,nusleaf a leafstone,thats all i can remember trust me on this i have 98 pokemon.and i got lovedisk.
you get him by using a good or super rod in evergrande.

Get master and luxury balls
To get a master ball you need to go to Lilycove Department Store/Hideout. To get a luxury ball you go to the Abandoned ship.

Mirage Island
Ok, Mirage Island is an Island that you have very rare chances of getting their. You need a Mirage Island Sensitive Pokemon to get thier. And a Mirage Island Sensitive Pokemon is found random in the wild. You can't tell if it's a Mirage Island Sensitive Pokemon, but you can find out when you go to Pacifidlog Town. The bottom right house, go in and talk to the guy on the right side of the house, he will tell you if you have a Mirage Island Sensitive Pokemon currently with you. Mirage Island appears on Route 131. But if you surf their, it won't always be their since you need a Mirage Island Sensitive Pokemon with you. On Mirage Island, you get the chance to get one rare berry, make sure you plant more when you get it. Because you can only get it their. Also, you can find many Items in the sand that appears on Mirage Island with your Item Finder. And then, there is only one pokemon that is catchable on Mirage Island, that is a Whynaut, so, get as many as you want.

To get to Mirage Island, you need a Mirage Island sensitive pokemon to get there, these pokemon are random in the wild, it could be any pokemon, then talk to the guy in the bottom right house in Pacifidlog Town, (the guy in the right side of the house), he will tell you if you have a Mirage Island Sensitive pokemon currently with you.

Battle without link cable:
Use a link cable, go into a Pokemon Center, and mix records. Come out and disconnect the link cable. Go to the person's Secret Hideout and they will be there. Talk to them, and you will battle them.

Lottery Prizes
Action Result
Match all the numbers Master ball
Match 4 numbers Max revive
Match 3 numbers Exp. share
Match 2 numbers PP up

Easy Cool/Beauty Contest Win
First of all you need 2 Heart Scales, which are found on the most wild Luvdiscs.
Then capture a wild Medicham at Victory Road. Catch it and put it in your party, then go to Fallabor Town, go in the Move Tutors house and re-learn Ice Punch and:
Fire Punch= Beauty
Thunder Punch= Cool

Then enter a contest and use Ice Punch as first then the next turn use the other move, it wil result in a 8 heart combo! Plus 1 or even 6 for teh audience. This wil result in easy victories!

Easier level up
Get an experience share and put it on a pokemon you want to level up. Then go into a battle and fight with the pokemon you put the experience share on. The experience points you get at the end of the battle will double.

How to get new trainers on your game
link up with a friend and do that by going to the swap data or trainer profiles booth in the first floor of the poke centre when you leave go back to playing your game where ever the person who linked with you has a secret base it will now be accessable on your own version of the gameas will your's on theirs so before linking up make sure you both fill your pokedex's with your best pokemon and you can battle each other without linking up you can store up to ten different secret base's so choose well.

Changing glitch block (Japanese version):
Go to the fifth city and Surf on the route that has a sign on the water. Next to it is a glitched block. Swim back and forth and it will change.

full heal for less
first you fly to lavaridge (with an Acro Bike) or travel by Cable Car to the summit, and right next to the cable car exit will be an old lady selling lava cookies. just buy a bunch of those and they will serve as a full heal. it only costs $200! you will save a lot more money this way. I do and I buy a lot of other things too!

Get all three starters! Faster!
Okay, once you start a new game, you'll need another version, and Gameboy, pick a starter, whether it's female, shiny, or normal, pick one. Then beat go beat Brendan (first time) then go get your poke'dex, and catch another pokemon, then you can trade the starter pokemon you chose to the other game, and do that over till you get all the starters, and then trade them back the the new file your really gonna use!

How to unlock the 8th gym door.
Find the hidden cavern, by using dive to the south of Mossdeep. Search the ocean floor, until you find a little cave with a sumbarine in it, then use dive again to appear in the cavern. Beat everybody in it, then make your way through the cavern.When you come across it, beat Team Magma leader. From there, you will be assigned to go to Sootopolis City, to the cave of origin, go in there, and find and catch Groudon. Then the gym door will be unlocked, so you can go on a battle with Sootopolis City's gym leader, Wallace.

How to get a Dragon Scale
To get a Dragon scale (it is used to evolve Seadra into kingdra) you have to either find a horsea or bagon. Horseas are left of Pacifidlog where the currents are (you have to fish). Bagons are in the back cave in Meteor falls. When you find a horsea/bagon it MAY be holding a dragon scale. Use theif, covet, or catch the bagon or horsea to obtain the dragon scale. I recommend finding bagon because it is more common for it to be holding a dragon scale. Once you get the dragon scale give it to your seadra and trade it with a friend or another version (ruby or sapphire) to get a Kingdra.

Mix records in the Pokemon Center:
Disconnect the link and go to the Battle Tower and battle. You might see a person that has the same name and Pokemon as your "Mixing Record" buddy.

Pokemon bases
Find rocks or trees with designs on them. Click on them and you can make a little pokemon base and decorate it with your items.

Bunny hops
When you get the bike, go on it and don't move. Now hold B and you'll start bunny hopping.

3 regis in the same spot
Go to route 126 and fight and win. Then go to route 115 and go into the cave. Use flash and press up, up, left, down, right, right, down, up, up. Then they will be right in front of you.

Note: It's best to catch them with a timer ball.

In-game reset:
Hold Select + Start + A + B during game play.

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