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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Final Fantasy I & II : Dawn of Souls

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Game Name : Final Fantasy I & II : Dawn of Souls
System : GameBoy Advance
Date Added : 2005-04-02 22:09:36
Views : 17870

Trance Kuja FF9 Reference
In the whisperwind cove, on the floor where you must find a certain boy, there is one boy that says he wants a "Trance Kuja" doll.

FF1 Mini Game
While on the ship, hold down A and keep tapping B. Soon, a sliding tile minigame will appear. The aim of the game is to put the numbered tiles in order from 1 to 15. If you do well, you gain items and money!

Unlockable: Sound Test
Beat both games to unlock the sound test.

FFII Easy HP and Stamina up
Simply attack yourself one or two times, and your HP and/or stamina will be raised after almost every battle. Im REALLY early in the game and i already have over 1000 HP for each character, and it barely took me any time. As an added bonus, your weapon levels will also be raised.

Easter Egg: Link is Dead
When in the town of Elfheim, if you go behind the sanctuary there are 3 gravestones, the one on the left has a message saying "Here Lies Link" which is the hero of the Zelda series.

Toad Memory Game
In FF2, if you level up the Toad spell to lv16, the faces on the memory game change to toads. Also, the prizes will change, yielding Genji equipment for many rankings, and a Masamune for a no-miss game.

Peninsula of Power 2
In Final Fantasy 2 go down from the first town to a peninsula and move around till a foe come out. There you fight very hard foes like Brains. You get major stat boosts if you survive. Great if you started a new file.

Tile Game
In FF II there is a match-the-faces tile game that gives items and cash prizes. When you are on the ice sled, hold A and keep pressing B to bring up the game.

Get Rat Tail Using Canoe
It's best you follow this hint if you've played the NES version or had at least one playthrough for FF1 on Dawn of Souls since known landmarks are used.

After defeating the Lich in the Earth Cave, the party can speak with the Circle of Sages in the town of Crescent Lake for a canoe; with it, the party can now cross river terrain.

Take the ship out of the Aldimeer (Aldi Sea) then north to the island where the Castle of Ordeal is. Enter the river terrain and then get on land to access the castle. Note that the enemies here are probably more powerful than low and mid-level parties can withstand, so come prepared.

Ride a Chocobo
In Final Fantasy II, directly South of Kashuan Keep is a forest, and within the forest is a small patch of grass. Walk over the grass to enter the hidden Chocobo's Forest, a large field of grass. If you find a Chocobo in it, you can ride it.

Kingdom Hearts
Not really anything special, a reference to Kingdom Hearts. On the 27th Floor of the Whisperwind Cove is a boy in "toy Town" (the place with all the houses, in and out) The character with blonde hair says, "I've Been having these weird thoughts lately..". Just like the Intro to Kingdom Hearts.

Unlockable: Dungeons
Each time you defeat a fiend it will unlock a secret dungeon. There are four of them and they include boss battles from other FF games.
Defeat Kraken near the canal by Melmond to unlock Lifespring Grotto.
Defeat Lich near the Temple of Chaos to unlock Earthgift Shrine.
Defeat Marilith near the Dragon Islands to unlock Hellfire Chasm.
Defeat Tiamat in the rivers by the Ice Cave to unlock Whisperwind Cove.

Peninsula of Power
This 2x2 piece of land is Northeast of the town of Pravoka. From Pravoka, head South to the mountains, then East until you see a dock, then from there, head North. The monsters you can find is a whole lot stronger then ordinary monsters around. Other then leveling up skills quickly, the equipments the monsters drop is the best you can get for quite a while; Winter Wolf drops the Ice Shield! Minotaur Zombie drops the Great Axe!

Pravoka Point of Peril
When Playing FFI, you can travel east and then north of Pravoka to a little pinnacle where you can fight monsters that are much harder to beat and aren't supposed to be found until later in the game. This little cheat/glitch thing was carried over from the original Final Fantasy.

Editor's Note: Save the game before you try this, or get wiped on the bottom of a Giant's butt.

Map Screen
Press B + Select on the map screen to view the World Map. This shows your position and locations.

Unlimited Super weapons and Items
Every time you go trough one of the elemental caves you find accessories and weapons that can be used during combat as an item. But the thing is that you can go back and finish over and over those caves tu get an unlimited supplies of Healing Staffs, Lightbringer,Rune Axe and or other powerfull weapons except the ultima weapon unfortunatly. It's long but it's worth it at the end.

Soul of Rebirth
After you've completed the main story, an additional option will appear at the Final Fantasy II main menu. Select Soul of Rebirth to begin a new journey...

FFII - Easy weapon skill levels
Get into a battle with enemies that CAN'T run away, then kill all but one enemy. Equip everybody in the party with two shields (this can be done in the Item menu) and keep holding down the A button for about 30-50 turns. Then equip everybody with the weapons that you would like to level up, and kill the remaining enemy. You will get weapon skill experience in the weapons that you are equipped with at the end of the battle instead of leveling up your shield skill.

Final Fantasy 9 refrence
In the Water shrine, go in it and find the area with all the dancers. Talk to alot of them and you should hear some say something about the Tatarus theater and the "I want to be your canary" play which is all Zidanes theater group in FF9!

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