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You are viewing Cheat Codes for FIFA 99

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Game Name : FIFA 99
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2005-03-05 07:09:22
Views : 14620

Finding Ronaldo
Ronaldo can be found as G. Silva on Inter Milan and Brazil.

Tip 4

The frequency of good scoring chances multiplies with
increased offensive zone possession. In other words, keep
the ball in the other team's half of the field and you'll
get more than your share of goals and scoring opportunities.

Bash Opponents
To bash your opponents (injure them) you have to do the following:

Tip 1

There's something deadly about corner kicks taken low and
very hard, almost straight across the dead ball line. To
enhance your chances of success, make sure you move a man
close to the near post, right in front of the goalkeeper.
Once the corner is taken, punch the shoot button and you
may just find the ball squeaking between goalie and post.
And if that doesn't make it in, look for a tasty rebound.
We estimate a 25 percent success ratio with this play
(at the Professional level, no less).

Winter Intro

Type "WIN" repeatedly while the game loads

Tip 6

Several cameras offer a better look at the beautiful players
EA has created for FIFA 99, but the F8 overhead view gives you
the widest read of the proceedings, a necessity for intelligent
play composition.

Tip 5

Altering team strategies constantly throughout a match will
throw the opposition into some disarray. Again, you'll need
an eight-button pad because you can't even access FIFA's
In-Game Management utility with a two- or four-button controller.

Turn bookings off.
Go to the referees strictness, make it defined and pull the bar left.
Put offside off. When you're playing start pressing Q to the players, this will make your players bash the opposition without getting a card or a free kick.

Play Classic Games
At the opening screen type "the oldies". Now you can play old matches like the finals of champions league in 1988.

Secret moves
Press these keys while playing the game: Alt+A - Rainbow kick
Alt+S - Drag the ball
Alt+D - Spin
Alt+Q - Fake a trip
Alt+E - Double step-over
W - Sprint

Tip 2

Taking a cue from tip 1, late crosses from extremely deep
in the corner are one of the surest ways of setting up
scoring opportunities, especially if you've placed four or
five players up front. This is even more applicable in
FIFA 99 than in previous versions, simply because CPU-
controlled players now move more aggressively to open spots.

Play as Atlanta Attack

To play as the Atlanta Attack, beat the Champions
Cup with Brazil on Professional level.

Find Ronaldo

Ronaldo is G. Silva on the Inter Milan Team

Tip 3

Wanna win in World Class mode? Then get a handle on the
advanced Skill modes available on buttons 7 and 8 of the
controller. Of course, it almost goes without saying that
an eight-button gamepad is no longer a luxury for this

Tip 3

Remembering tip 3, pay careful attention to the Flick-over
and the Step-over Nutmeg. These advanced moves will get
both your player and the ball up and over an attacker's
slide tackle, something you'll have to do all the time in
the difficult Professional and World Class modes.

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