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You are viewing Cheat Codes for NBA Street Vol. 2

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Game Name : NBA Street Vol. 2
System : Game Cube
Date Added : 2005-03-10 16:52:56
Views : 14023

Recommended players
Once you have Stretch Monroe, keep him in your lineup because he is a very good blocker.

Difficult two pointers
Hold [L] and press [Y], [B], [X], [Y].

Small players
Hold [L] and press [Y]x2, [X], [B].

All NBA legends
Hold [L] and press [X], [Y]x2, [B].

Back 2 Papa
When you are close to the rim, press the two "Turbos" + "Pass". If done correctly, you will throw the ball very hard to the backboard and get the ball back. This results in a decent amount of points when you make a dunk with the same player. If done wrong, the player will throw the ball, it will hit the bottom board, and the other team will steal it. You need to be at a good distance (not too close or far). Sometimes if you are close to an opponent and try to do Back 2 Papa, it will do an Off The Heezy.

Hint-Easy steal
Unlock the Nelly and the St. Lunatics team. Even though it does not appear that they are good at steals, they are very good. If you do not control the player that is guarding the CPU player, that player that is on your team that you are not controlling will steal the ball.

Explosive rims
Hold [L] and press [X]x3, [Y].

No counters
Hold [L] and press [Y]x2, [X]x2.

All quicks
Hold [L] and press [Y], [X], [Y], [B].

No display bars
Hold [L] and press [B], [X]x3.

St. Lunatics team and all street legends
Hold [L] and press [X], [Y], [B], [Y].

When you get a GameBreaker, pocket it by pressing [Up]. Your next GameBreaker will be Vol. 2. This deducts three points from your opponent when you take a 1 pointer.

Big heads
Hold [L] and press [X], [B]x2, [X].

Easy two pointers
Hold [L] and press [Y], [X], [B], [Y].

All jerseys
Hold [L] and press [X], [Y], [B]x2.

Iceman and Zeke moves
George Gervin does his finger roll at the beginning called Iceman, and Isiah Thomas does a 360 finger roll called Zeke. It is random, but to do their move choose them and have a wide open lane. Press Shoot close (but not too close) to the basket and they will do it. Do Iceman on the side and not the middle of the basket.

Other tricks
You can perform tricks not listed in the game by simply having a defender on you and pressing "Trick" while standing in front of him/her. You will usually bounce the ball through the defender's legs.

Created player recommendations
If you have a created player who has 5 blocks filled or a gold crown, it does not mean that he is good. Height and athletic skill is more important.If you create a chubby player, you are wasting DP. However, the person that you created that is not that athletic can still have excellent dunking. Athletic people can also dunk as well.

All courts
Hold [L] and press [B], [Y]x2, [B].

Easy pick-up game wins
In the pick-up games, the CPU randomly picks from the available no name players. If you go to "Create Player" and create a lot of players with 0/5 for all stats, you will have a good chance of playing a team that has a player with no stat points, making the game a little easier to win.

Increased shot accuracy
When shooting, press two or more turbos. This gains about 15% of accuracy.

Classic Michael Jordan
Hold [L] and press [X], [Y], [X]x2. Alternately, successfully complete Nba challenge, street school, and be a legend modes.

Hit head on backboard
Go to the back of the backboard without the ball and jump. You will hit your head on the backboard and fall.

Fancy dribble
Pass the ball to a good dribbler. Then, lightly press the Analog-stick towards the direction you wish to move. The player should start to do a fancy dribble.

Block and receive ball
When someone shoots the ball and you want to retrieve it, instead of just throwing it back with your hand press the "Turbos" then [Jump]. The player will grab the ball.

WNBA ball
Hold [L] and press [X], [Y]x2, [X].

Getting to the rim
Use the following trick for an easy way to get to the rim if you are congested at one place. If you are around the half court line and it seems that the entire team is checking you, use the Give And Go to move around them. Then, pass the ball back to yourself and go for the easy dunk. Note: This will work with anyone with over 5' 11" in height and good dunks and handles.

Bonus teams
Enter "Classics" as a city name and "Era" as a team name in create a team mode to get a team with Dr. J, Connie Hawkins, Clyde Frazier, David Thompson, and Wilt Chamberlain.

Enter "East" as a city name and "Stars" as a team name in create a team mode to get a team with Vince, AI, T- Mac, Paul Pierce, and J - O'Neal.

Enter "Midtimes" as a city name and "Era" as a team name in create a team mode to get a team with Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan (1985), Nique, Larry Bird, and Clyde Drexler.

Enter "Nineties" as a city name and "Era" as a team name in create a team mode to get a team with Michael Jordan (1996), Reggie Miller, Alonzo Mourning, David Robinson, and Shawn Kemp.

Enter "Street" as a city name and "Two" as a team name in create a team mode to get a team with Stretch, Osmosis, Biggie Little, Dime, and Whitewater.

Enter "Team" as a city name and "Doctor J" as a team name in create a team mode to get a team with Dr. J, J - Kidd, Tony Delk, Corey Maggette, and Antonio Davis.

Enter "West" as a city name and "Stars" as a team name in create a team mode to get a team with KG, Steve Francis, Shawn Marion, Sheed, and Kobe Bryant.

Get created players drafted
In order to get a created player drafted, play though the NBA Challenge using a team with them on it. Get the NBA Challenge Trophy. and a screen to put them on real NBA teams will appear. It is best if you use a team with all created players on it. Also, an NBA jersey will be selectable in "Edit Baller".

Ball trails
Hold [L] and press [Y]x3, [B].

ABA ball
Hold [L] and press [X], [B], [X], [B].

Unlimited turbo
Hold [L] and press [B]x2, [Y]x2.

Cheat mode
Select "Play It" at the main menu, then choose the "Pick Up Game" option. Select your difficulty setting, choose to be either home or away, and enter your name. Then, enter one or more of the following codes when the "Enter cheat codes now" message appears at the bottom left of the "Player Ready" screen.

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