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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Mission : Impossible: Operation Surma

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Game Name : Mission : Impossible: Operation Surma
System : Game Cube
Date Added : 2005-06-05 16:05:42
Views : 14252

Get Jong Ho:
Equip the .45, then hide behind the crates to the right of the full ammo supply.
Place your center bead on him and fire. He will eventually die. Do not worry about
getting a clear shot, as you will see with incoming enemies they will die easily.

Mission 5: Algos Head Quarters:
After you infiltrated his headquarters jet with the jet pack there is a sequence.
When the game resumes you have to kill some opponents and Luther will tell you
to put three bombs in the plane. On each side is a ladder. Go up one side then up
the second ladder and go towards the back. There is a mark on the wall in red to
plant one of the bombs. Hold Triangle to do so. Go down the two ladders and kill
the guards that came in. Go to the other side then up the other two ladders. Again,
there is a mark in red where you need to plant the second bomb. Come out and
kill the other guards that entered. Go towards the back where you first came in to
jet in the beginning of the level. Use your Micro-cord gun to latch on to the yellow
pipe on the ceiling. Go all the way back and to find the third final bomb location.
Plant it, then watch the intermission sequence. Stay there and take out your
Sniper Pistol. Snipe the guards that are back by the blue crates. These opponents
are tougher than the last ones you killed, but its easier to snipe them rather than
killing them in close range. Then, get back to the door and go in. Kill the guard
quietly and wait for the enemy to talk to you while you kill the guards that come

Kill Algo:
On the last mission, when you have to fight Algo, to kill him quicker aim for the muzzle when he fires then move up slightly and fire. This will kill him faster.

Level select:
Select the "Profiles" option at the main menu. Highlight the option for "Jasmine Curry" then hold L + R + Y + X. You will be returned to the main menu, and a "Levels" option will now appear. Note: You will not be able to save the game while this code is enabled

Avoiding gun turrets:
When the turrets are shooting you, roll all the way and do not run.

Stay on the right side by the door and wait for the target closest to you to come
up. Roll behind it and wait until the gun has shot all of the target away; it only
shoots enough bullets to do that. Then, the target in the middle will come up.
Quickly roll again behind that one, and wait. Next, run and roll between the guns.
If you get hurt, there is a medpack on the wall. Run and do a jump kick to the
scientist. The guns will have destroyed themselves and you will be fine.

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