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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Viewtiful Joe 2

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Game Name : Viewtiful Joe 2
System : Game Cube
Date Added : 2005-01-20 10:17:04
Views : 17658

Silvia combo
Switch to Silvia, then do Slo mo and Replay followed by Close up. Then, punch the enemy for three times the damage.

Slo Mo saves
Use Slo Mo when enemies are about to attack you.

Fire Leo and Frost Tiger
Not only are Fire Leo (one of the Bosses from the original Viewtiful Joe) and Frost Tiger brothers and look alike, but they fight exactly the same except that Fire Leo goes in lava to get his aura back, while Frost Tiger grows his aura.

Defeating Frost Tiger
To beat Frost Tiger, you must use Joe for the entire battle. First, make Frost Tiger freeze one of the platforms. Go under the platform, then he will also come down. Use Mach Speed and punch one of the pillars that are under the platform until you catch Mach Speed Fire. Then, let Frost Tiger come to you (or vice versa) and punch him. His aura will go away and he will jump to the nearest pillar. If the pillar that he is on is unfrozen, he will freeze the platform. I you are in front of him, he will start attacking you. Use Slo Mo to see his skull, because his attacks are very fast. Keep dodging his Skull symbols until he starts spinning, then use Red Dragon Kick (Red Hot Kick and Zoom In). He will try to get his aura back. While he is getting that, use Red Dragon. Again. Keep doing this until he is defeated.

Infinite V-Points
In the first few levels, there are some puzzles that involve hitting three blocks using Sylvia's Replay power. However, don't be too anxious to get past the puzzle yet. If you shoot the blocks with Sylvia's guns, the blocks will toss out V-Point Coins. Keep shooting until you've gotten all the V-Points you want.

Use the Six Cannon
To use the Six Cannon in battle or anywhere else, you must have an almost entire bar of VFX (plus the four to five mini-bars). Then, hold Z until it gets to the last two VFX. A cannon will appear and shoot a large beam with the switched character in it. This works well against Bosses.

Ultra V-Rated mode
Successfully complete the game in V-Rated mode.

V-Rated mode
Successfully complete the game in Adult mode.

Reel select
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Reel select option for that and lower difficulty settings.

Unlock the following chambers by completing the indicated task.

Chamber 1: Defeat the first boss.
Chamber 4: Defeat the first boss.
Chamber 7: Get all film canisters in Reel 1.
Chamber 18: Complete Chamber 17.
Chamber 19: Defeat Sgt. Big John in Reel 3 in V-rated mode.
Chamber 21: Complete Chamber 3.
Chamber 23: Get an RV against Big John in UV-rated mode.
Chamber 27: Complete Chamber 26.
Chamber 30: Get a RV against Alastor in Adult mode.
Chamber 32: Get a RV in Chamber 23.
Chamber 35: Complete the game in Adult mode.
Chamber 36: Complete Chamber 27.

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